Interdisciplinary approach to healthcare wins

As a clinical nurse consultant at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital, Belynda Abbott knows first-hand the benefits of taking an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare. She recently completed a Master of Healthcare Leadership at Southern Cross University (SCU) Online, the only university to offer this approach to learning.

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How to help a boutique engineering firm make its mark

Marketing methods are traditionally well defined for large, conventional organisations, but what about a small business with an extremely niche service offering within a relatively small market sector?

The Industry Research Project unit in the Master of Engineering Management is helping recent graduate, Ronie Magcamit, place a small environmental consulting firm on the map in Victoria.

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How to start your online Masters in project management

So, you’re an experienced project manager and you’ve been thinking about formalising that experience with a Masters for a while, but it just never seems to be the right time. You make enquiries between projects, and you’re keen to sign up, but another project lands on your desk and you know it’s going to be more 60-hour weeks.

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