In the pursuit of knowledge

Aleksandr Taylor-Gough is a school principal who had a goal to further refine the knowledge, skills and practices required to deepen his leadership capabilities. He is currently studying the Master of Education, with the finish line in sight. He was drawn to study online with SCU after having put a Master of Education course with a different institution on hold for a few years.  Continue reading

How to build resilience as a business leader

If you have been fortunate enough to work with a great leader, you might have found yourself at different times trying to identify what it is that makes them so effective. It might have been their ability to remain calm and effective in the face of a crisis, to recover quickly from setbacks, be creative at problem solving, adapt to changing circumstances or persist positively in the face of apparently overwhelming obstacles.
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Studying a Master of IT Management

Leigh Owens is the IT Manager for Essendon Football Club. He is currently studying his Master of Information Technology Management at Southern Cross University Online. We spoke with him about his job, kicking goals with online study and why he picked Southern Cross University Online to study his Master of Information Technology Management.

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Lifelong learning for educators

As you progress in your career, the skills you develop from your work experience are undoubtedly critical. Yet, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your education is over after you finish high school or your undergraduate degree. Indeed, one of the most attractive parts of completing your studies is the idea that you don’t need to learn anything else.

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Inclusive education to maximise student learning

Recently, we hosted a webinar with Dr Bellert, which focused on some of the key topics and considerations for teachers when teaching students with disabilities or additional learning needs. Below are some of the key takeaways and listen in to the podcast, which you can access and listen to for more information about this specialist area.

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