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Stake your claim as a leader in Project Management

What is it that makes a project succeed or fail? How do you know which project management methodology is the right one to use in any given situation? What are the critical thinking skills you require to be an effective project manager or program leader? Answering complex strategic questions like these take more than a three-day workshop or weekend intensive. It requires a commitment to the development of a deep, industry-informed knowledge base underpinned by research – this is where Southern Cross University’s Master of Project Management online comes in.

Aligned with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) benchmarking tool Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), through Southern Cross University’s online postgraduate project management degree, you’ll learn core competencies associated with risk, control, planning, implementation, evaluation, collaboration and systems analysis, all adaptable to your chosen industry. More than anything, our online Master of Project Management is about giving you options. You can study broadly, focus your degree towards one or more areas of specialisation, or tailor your study to an emerging field – for example, IT project management in the healthcare sector.

Project management is booming in terms of job prospects across industry sectors – almost 50% of employers plan to grow permanent project management roles (Hays, 2015). Set yourself apart from your peers with a project management masters that demonstrates your depth of understanding, critical and analytical skills, and serious commitment to your profession.

David Noble, Course Coordinator

David Noble explains how a Masters degree in project management will enable you to progress further in your career.

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Why study a Master of Project Management?

The beauty about project management is that it’s scalable: it’s scalable from a birthday party to a new port or new railway system.

And so – rather than an industry needing project management, every industry needs project management and so, therefore, when you do a project management Masters with Southern Cross University Online, you are setting yourself up to work in literally any industry.

All industries today, and particularly in a globalised, digital economy rely on project management to introduce change, new products, new services – and it really doesn’t matter whether you’re in construction or engineering or financial services, or any of those industries, they all rely on project management to deliver new products, services and change.

So, a lot of people wonder why they should do a Masters of project management rather than just get an industry certification. Well, it’s easy, really – because an industry certification; sure, they’ll fill your head with a lot of facts and basically, what they will do is equip you to pass an exam.

But, if you want to learn at a much deeper level, not just the surface level, but a deeper level, where you’re able to think critically and analytically and creatively, then that’s where studying a Masters comes in.

Because, what we want you to do is to be able to take all of those facts, which we teach as well, but then to be able to apply them in such a variety of circumstances; that you’ll have confidence to go into any market, any country, any situation and be able to apply them in a very creative and competent manner.

Tailor your degree to suit your career

The phases and processes associated with project management are relevant to many industries. Our Master of Project Management online is customisable for myriad of career trajectories. You could select elective units broadly based on your interests, anchor yourself in one arena or create your own concentration with an eye to the future.


The success of a project is often judged, first and foremost, on whether it came in on budget. Balance the income and expenditure of a complex project by adding a foundation in accounting to your project management degree.

Engineering Management

Specialise in the delivery of engineering projects knowing you have a handle on their economic viability and sustainability, the longevity of the infrastructure you’re proposing, and that you have your stakeholders on board.

Health Services Management

Project management in the health sector often involves a number of projects nested within a larger program or health agenda. Develop your ability to measure and assess cross-scope quality, manage change and ensure the success of projects in your remit.

Information and Knowledge Management

Develop a thorough understanding of managing data, using a variety of theories and methodologies, and confidently navigate the implementation of IT solutions across levels of an organisation.

Managing and Leading People

What makes a project manager a good project leader? Learn to set the “modus operandi” for your team, and inspire and motivate to help achieve your collective project goals.

What you can study

Not all project management courses online offer the breadth of business insights that are required for a well-rounded professional career in project management roles. Southern Cross University Online’s Master of Project Management delivers a choice of electives that cover six core business functions.

* Southern Cross University offer both online and on-campus versions of this unit. This entry refers to the online version. Please check the Master of Project Management Online course listing at scu.edu.au for more information.

Flexible exit options

We know plans change. That’s why we’ve built a flexible completion option into the Master of Project Management. If you need to exit early, if home or work demand your full attention, you could still receive a postgraduate qualification based on the units you’ve completed. If you decide to complete one of Southern Cross University’s online project management courses at a later date, you’ll receive advanced standing towards your project management masters.

  • To receive a Graduate Diploma in Project Management, you need to complete eight units – all Part A and two Part B units.
  • To receive a Graduate Certificate in Project Management, you need to complete four units – all Part A units.

Entry criteria

To qualify for entry into the Master of Project Management online, you must:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of two years’ work experience in a professional environment; or
  • Have over five years’ work experience/professional standing that is regarded by the Academic Board as equivalent to an undergraduate degree.
  • Be proficient in English.

Find out more about Rules Relating to Awards and Specific Award Rules.

Advanced standing

You may be eligible for advanced standing toward one of Southern Cross University’s project management courses online if:

  • you have completed a post graduate level unit(s) (for example as part of a Master of Business Administration) in Project Management through which you may be granted advanced standing for the unit Project Management Principles.
  • you have gained specific project management career experience gained over a minimum of five years.

Career opportunities

The career opportunities for graduates of the Master of Project Management online are as diverse as the places you find project managers. Where will your degree take you?

Senior Project Manager

You may work as part of the Project Management Office (PMO) on projects within a program, or may be a lead project manager on a given project, developing, planning and delivering projects systematically – using tools and change management frameworks.

PMO Manager

As the manager of the Project Management Office you’ll ensure the successful delivery of project services, including scope and variation control, timelines and schedules, costs, estimates, quality assurance, risk and issue management, communications, procurement and contracts, document control, steering committee reporting and more.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Design intelligent business solutions for your workplace and your clients. Use your knowledge of tools and technologies to implement business solutions and manage projects.

Project Analyst

Support the implementation and delivery of strategic and resourcing initiatives across the business. Analysis and management of data collected may also be part of your role.

Change Manager

Help move an organisation from a current state, through a transition state, to a desired state by shaping the way business is done, and who does it.

Student testimonial

I enrolled in the online Master of Project Management after deciding to switch from full-time, on-campus study. The decision to study online has proved to be a sound choice and in doing so, the focused approach to study has helped me to improve my grades.

Steven Walsh, online Master of Project Management graduate

Learning with Southern Cross University Online

Southern Cross University’s online project management courses fit around your work and your lifestyle. Units are delivered by tech-savvy academics via a fresh, smart, collaborative and interactive interface.

  • 100% online and flexible – complete six units a year, or skip a study period if life or work demands your full attention.
  • Student Success Advisor support – from enquiry to graduation, we are there for you.
  • Networked for success – meet your future colleagues and collaborators.

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