Why metrics are key to quality improvement

Continuous improvement is a buzzword in many industries – and an essential condition of the engineering profession. Finding effective and objective ways to measure the quality of your team’s toils is the secret to doing things smarter and better.

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The importance of engineering in STEM education

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is linked with generating high levels of productivity, creating better jobs (and more of them) as well as securing healthy economies. That’s just some of the reasons why the capabilities that come along with STEM – including creative problem solving and critical thinking – are becoming an increasingly large focus in the Australian classroom.

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How to help a boutique engineering firm make its mark

Marketing methods are traditionally well defined for large, conventional organisations, but what about a small business with an extremely niche service offering within a relatively small market sector?

The Industry Research Project unit in the Master of Engineering Management is helping recent graduate, Ronie Magcamit, place a small environmental consulting firm on the map in Victoria.

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How a new data hub will boost tech sector

As a relatively small city in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, you might not expect Toowoomba to be a bustling metropolis of business innovation. However, Toowoomba actually boasts one of the most diverse – and robust – economies in Queensland. And recent large-scale engineering projects mean that Toowoomba could be set to play an integral role in boosting Australia’s technology sector.

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How to build engineering skills for today’s hiring landscape

Cheap, off-shore design centres are a low-cost and time-effective option for many businesses. While this has taken some design work away from the Australian market, Aussie engineers don’t need to panic just yet. There are still plentiful positions for skilled engineers with strong design skills, they just have to bring other things to the table in order to compete with their overseas rivals. Continue reading

Tips to help engineers communicate like leaders

You may have the technical skills under your belt, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to step into a leadership position just yet. To be a good leader – meaning the kind of leader your team wants to listen to and be led by – you’ll need to develop strong communication skills.

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Why you need a Master of Engineering Management

If you’ve ever wondered how a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) differs from a Master of Engineering, you’re not alone. The main difference lies in the skills an MEM can provide. While an engineering degree will develop the skills necessary to become a high-performing engineer, you may find yourself thrown into the deep end when it comes to managing a team and keeping projects on budget.

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