Six resources to make an impact as an education leader

The role of an educational leader has evolved over recent years. There’s now strong evidence which shows that educational leadership that is focussed on improving teaching and learning practices will create better outcomes for students. Educational leaders must be effective team leaders who foster a culture of continuous improvement and empower others to develop and execute goals to improve outcomes for students.
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Classroom and behaviour management for the 21st Century

The educational sector’s approach to managing behaviour is continually evolving, as society better understands human needs and the most effective ways of meeting them. While there are many outside factors that inform behaviour management of students, the greatest influence is definitely behaviour psychology. Continue reading

In the pursuit of knowledge

Aleksandr Taylor-Gough is a school principal who had a goal to further refine the knowledge, skills and practices required to deepen his leadership capabilities. He is currently studying the Master of Education, with the finish line in sight. He was drawn to study online with SCU after having put a Master of Education course with a different institution on hold for a few years.  Continue reading

Lifelong learning for educators

As you progress in your career, the skills you develop from your work experience are undoubtedly critical. Yet, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your education is over after you finish high school or your undergraduate degree. Indeed, one of the most attractive parts of completing your studies is the idea that you don’t need to learn anything else.

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Inclusive education to maximise student learning

Recently, we hosted a webinar with Dr Bellert, which focused on some of the key topics and considerations for teachers when teaching students with disabilities or additional learning needs. Below are some of the key takeaways and listen in to the podcast, which you can access and listen to for more information about this specialist area.

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The importance of engineering in STEM education

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is linked with generating high levels of productivity, creating better jobs (and more of them) as well as securing healthy economies. That’s just some of the reasons why the capabilities that come along with STEM – including creative problem solving and critical thinking – are becoming an increasingly large focus in the Australian classroom.

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Five ways to improve your wellbeing as a teacher

You spend a lot of time thinking about what’s best for your students – but how much time do you spend thinking about what’s best for you? Thinking about your own wellbeing is not only important for your productivity and effectiveness, but it also enables you to focus on your teaching practice and improve outcomes for your students.

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