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MBA and CPA requirements: How a Graduate Diploma of Accounting can help

11 April 2022

Curious to see how you can maximise your career opportunities in business and financial management? Here's what you need to know about the Graduate Diploma of Accounting and how it can help you achieve your professional goals, including helping you to become a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) or earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In this article, we'll cover:

  • How to get a CPA designation in Australia

  • Whether CPA is a postgraduate qualification

  • What the Graduate Diploma of Accounting is

  • Why you should study the Graduate Diploma of Accounting

  • How the Graduate Diploma of Accounting acts as a pathway to the CPA and MBA

  • Gaining your Graduate Diploma of Accounting from Southern Cross University (SCU) Online

How to get a CPA designation in Australia

There are several ways to become eligible for the CPA designation in Australia. The most common way is to complete a bachelor's degree in accountancy or business management with a strong emphasis on accounting. But you don't necessarily need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to fulfil the CPA requirements.

As long as CPA Australia recognises your degree, you can come from any discipline. You will also need to complete the CPA program, including relevant work experience, within six years.

Is CPA a postgraduate qualification?

CPA is a professional accounting qualification or certification rather than a degree. It is awarded based on an assessment of the knowledge and skills of applicants.

Fulfilling the CPA requirements is mandatory for becoming a Certified Practising Accountant, which means having the right to use the letters "CPA" after your name and becoming a member of CPA Australia.

A CPA qualification is the ultimate designation in the accounting industry. CPAs are highly respected in the business world. The qualification is internationally recognised and provides members with the opportunity to complete specialist training and continuing professional development.

What is the Graduate Diploma of Accounting?

The Graduate Diploma of Accounting course helps students master the core skills required to work within today's business environment. It provides an extensive knowledge base of accounting and financial principles and data analysis.

Why should you study a Graduate Diploma of Accounting?

There are many reasons why working professionals should consider studying for the Graduate Diploma of Accounting.

It's a great way to build on your existing skills and knowledge in the business and financial world. The program provides students with broad business skills, including in accounting, finance, economics, law and management, equipping students with advanced technical know-how that they can apply to their daily work immediately.

Business leaders can develop new skills and broaden their knowledge of core topics while earning a globally recognised qualification from SCU. There are also flexible study options available that allow you to complete the course at your own pace.

How the Graduate Diploma of Accounting acts as a pathway to the CPA and MBA 

The online Graduate Diploma of Accounting is the only online GDA accredited by CPA Australia, which means when you graduate with your postgraduate degree, you are eligible to apply directly for the CPA Program, effectively bypassing the foundation exams component.

If you’re not quite ready to apply for the CPA Program, or you wish to focus your career on other areas in finance, the Graduate Diploma of Accounting can get your MBA requirements under way. You can apply your course credits from your Graduate Diploma of Accounting towards completing an MBA degree.

By fulfilling the core units of the MBA program, our graduate diploma allows you to apply for advanced standing on the already completed units, effectively cutting down the time and units required to getting your MBA qualification.

We designed the course with input from leading companies and experts to ensure you will have the skills you need to succeed in an increasingly complex global business environment.

Study your Graduate Diploma of Accounting at SCU

Whether you’re looking to work your way up in your organisation or want to certify your years of working experience with a formal degree, consolidate your skills online with the Graduate Diploma of Accounting from SCU Online.

The Graduate Diploma of Accounting is an ideal steppingstone for accounting professionals looking to build upon their existing skills.

With more than 30 years of experience in online higher education, SCU ranks among the best in Australia and New Zealand for its high-quality teaching, innovation, and research. World-leading academics deliver the program with inputs from industry experts to provide an educational experience that will position you for success in the global economy.

You will learn from global leaders who are internationally recognised for their research expertise. You’ll also be challenged by innovative course material.

Choose between a full-time and part-time program to suit your lifestyle. You can pursue your goals at your own pace.

Fast-track your way to meeting CPA requirements or MBA requirements with a Graduate Diploma of Accounting from SCU Online.