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How does an MBA affect your salary?

It’s hard work, expensive, and a daunting prospect to leave a stable career and study for a Master of Business Administration (MBA). So, why do people do it? Of course, there are a variety of reasons to take the plunge. Perhaps you’re looking to move into a management or leadership position in your current field; or diversify your talents in order to make a particular career change. Whatever the reason, underlying all these motivations is the significant positive effect that an MBA has on graduates’ salaries.

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Why the Future is Human

At SCU’s recent networking event in Brisbane, over 50 attendees were inspired by bestselling author and 2018 SCU Vice Chancellor’s Alumnus of the Year, Bella Zanesco as she guided them in becoming fully expressed leaders with her keynote The Future is Human.
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What is the value of an MBA in a DIY-learning world?

The way we learn continues to evolve as new technologies become so common that we can no longer imagine life without them. With the increase of smartphones, rising internet access and greater digital connection, we’re now able to access information on any topic instantaneously, reducing barriers to learning and personal growth.

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What speed means for a business in the 21st Century

In today’s workplace, managers strive to inspire employees to work smarter, not harder. Our fast-paced, digital-focused world means that the speed of work is more important than ever, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed by priorities and caught up in processes designed to force better efficiency. In practice, smarter work is less about processes and more about effective management.
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Marketing to Senior Management with an MBA

We had a chat with Master of Business Administration student Melinda Hutchings to get her insights into studying a masters online, balancing work and family life, plus how she’s using her new skills at work.
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