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20 March 2016

Finding time within your busy day to balance work, family and personal commitments is always difficult.

4 March 2016

The idea of studying while you have children is a daunting one, and one which inhibits many from pursuing postgraduate stu

1 March 2016

Although giving feedback and constructive criticism is a vital part of any management role, in the healthcare industry it

11 February 2016

With technology becoming an increasingly essential part of the workplace, there are enormous benefits to having a staff me

3 February 2016

Remaining productive is an issue that many students face – regardless of where or what they are studying.

28 January 2016

Studying online can seem like a daunting idea.

18 January 2016

Amongst volatile labour markets and tough economic conditions, the number of graduates looking for full-time employment is

1 December 2015

With increasingly busy lives, it’s hard to find the time to commit to further study.

7 October 2015

In both academic and professional settings, people are faced with the decision as to whether or not to take notes.

6 October 2015

Traditionally, the workplace paradigm commanded lower ranking employees to follow strict patterns and work in teams manage

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