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Nursing research ranked highest possible classification in the ERA national report.

Prepare for the future of healthcare

The online Master of Healthcare Leadership is designed to give you a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on the changing face of healthcare. You might be a registered nurse with many years of experience and want to move out of direct care, or you might be from an allied health background, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, counselling or optometry, wanting to start your own practice. Whatever your health background, completing a Master’s in healthcare leadership online gives you more flexibility, more opportunities and more transferable skills you can take with you into future.

Benefits of studying your Master of Healthcare Leadership

Watch Southern Cross University graduate, Belynda Abbott shares how studying an online Master of Healthcare Leadership has helped her progress in her nursing career.

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Hi, my name is Belynda Abbott and I’m the clinical nurse consultant on Ward 2C
Neurosciences in the Division of Surgery at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

I’ve been able to reflect and gain a strong understanding of my own
leadership style by completing my Masters degree. I was able to develop my
own leadership competency framework in order to further develop and grow as a
healthcare leader.

I’ve also developed my own online professional portfolio
with the help of the healthcare professional portfolio unit. This is
essential within a digital age and has helped me with applying for and
obtaining jobs. I’ve also assisted others whom I mentor to develop their own
professional portfolio.

I thoroughly enjoy being able to provide leadership and role modeling to others
that are coming up within the healthcare field. I’ve recently been appointed into
a clinical nurse consultant role after eight years as a nurse educator. And this
position will continue to strengthen my knowledge and skills as a leader within healthcare.

By doing a Masters in healthcare leadership, I’ve been able to
bridge my knowledge gap around research. I feel confident to be able to write
research articles and start up a project to research areas that potentially
could assist with optimal patient care or enhance job satisfaction.

I feel confident talking amongst interdisciplinary team
members and I’m also able to articulate common goals and directions required for patient care.

I feel that the Masters of healthcare leadership has helped me make a bigger
contribution to my workplace. I’ve since represented the hospital and presented
my first research project around nurse teacher rounds at the Australian College
of Nursing’s National Nurse Forum in October last year.

After I completed the Graduate Studies project unit, I’ve gained the confidence to go ahead and
write my own research in preparation for publication. I’ve also informally done
work around mentorship development and succession management of clinical nurses
to build a stronger leadership capacity within the organisation.

What you’ll study

Health management courses teach you how to critically evaluate and translate the latest healthcare leadership research into clinical practice, management and leadership styles and policy. Importantly, your assessments will take inspiration from situations you’re facing every day, which means you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learnt in your workplace immediately.

You’ll assess what makes great managers and leaders. You’ll look at how internal and external environments, for example, funding cuts, internal restructure or a change in government, can impact contemporary health care delivery, and how effective, strategic management can help mitigate negative impacts. From a clinical leadership perspective, you’ll learn how to identify strengths and get the best out of your team, reflective practice and constructive feedback, and how to inspire greatness in others.

To be eligible to receive the Master of Healthcare Leadership, students must complete 144 credit points, comprising:

  • all core units; and
  • one elective unit.

Core Units
PBH91001 – Appraising Evidence
HEA93002 – Discovery and Enquiry in Health: The Critical Literature Review
HEA93003 – Pitch and Propose: Writing a Research Proposal
HEA93001 – Leading Change in Healthcare
MNG91220 – Strategic Health Management
CMM93010 – Health Systems, Policies and Practices
HEA93020 – Principles and Practice of Clinical Accountability
CMM91025 – Social and Emotional Competence in the Workplace
CMM93002 – Leadership and Management in Health
CMM91010 – Healthcare Professional Portfolio A
TCH93001 – Teaching and Supervision in a Clinical Setting


Elective Units
NRS83001 – Contemporary Mental Health
NRS83002 – Mental Health Across the Lifespan
NRS83003 – Mental Health in Community, Non-Government and Primary Health Settings
NRS83004 – Acute Mental Health
NRS93003 – Physical Health Care in Mental Health
NRS93004 – Supporting Behaviour Change in Mental Health Contexts
MNG82210 – Organisational Behaviour
MNG93215 – Human Resource Management
MNG91211 – The Positive Leader

Entry requirements

To qualify for entry into the Master of Healthcare Leadership, all applicants must:

  • have successfully completed a minimum three (3) year Bachelor qualification, or equivalent, in a health related discipline;
  • provide evidence of minimum one (1) year full-time and current work experience at degree level in a health related field and/or as acceptable to the School Board;
  • be proficient in English.

Find out more about Rules Relating to Awards and Specific Award Rules.

Flexible exit options

We know that plans change. That’s why we’ve built flexible completion options into the online Master of Healthcare Leadership. This means that if you need to exit early—if home or work demand your full attention—you could still receive a postgraduate qualification based on the units you’ve completed.

Should you decide to return to your Masters at a later date, you’ll receive advanced standing towards your degree. Gaining an online Masters in healthcare is a win-win!

  • To be eligible for the award of Master of Healthcare Leadership

    You will complete all units listed in Part A; all units listed in Part B; and four (4) units from Part C.

  • To be eligible for the award of Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Leadership

    You will complete any eight (8) units.

  • To be eligible for the award of Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership

    You will complete the following four (4) units: Strategic Health Management, Health Systems Policies and Practices, Principles and Practices of Clinical Accountability and Leading Change in Healthcare.

  • To be eligible for the award of Graduate Certificate in Health and Human Sciences

    You will complete any four (4) units.

Student testimonial

The skills I have developed in this course have contributed to changes in my practice which have then been passed on to my staff and the organisation. No knowledge gained from this course has or will ever be wasted.

Kamala Skinner, Master of Healthcare Leadership graduate

Advanced standing

We calculate advanced standing by looking at your particular education and experience. However, this outline will give you a good idea of what you may receive.

  • If you have a Graduate Diploma of Advanced Health Practice, you may be granted advanced standing for up to eight units.
  • If you have a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Health Practice, you may be granted advanced standing for up to four units.

Because it is a core unit, you cannot receive advanced standing for Graduate Studies Project, even if you have done it before.

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^ Southern Cross University offer both online and on-campus versions of these units. This information refers to the online version. Please check the unit listing at scu.edu.au or ask your Student Enrolment Advisor for more information.

This information is correct at time of release and subject to change without notice. Copyright Southern Cross University May 2018.

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