Infographic – Fostering successful nurse leadership

To ensure a new technology is utilised effectively, nurses will need to learn how to manage communication with staff and stakeholders, as well as implementing the right processes. Nurse leaders who can manage this change effectively will be vital in reassuring others and moving forward with new technology.

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Future IT healthcare trends you need to know

Thanks to a series of technological advances, the age of robotics in the healthcare industry is dawning. Changes to nursing roles and duties may arise as a result, spurring potential challenges in the future.

We’ve created an infographic which examines some emerging technologies in healthcare that are set to change the face of the industry moving forward. This infographic pinpoints the 10 key trends that you’ve got to watch to prepare yourself for the future.

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Infographic – MBA and MEM: What’s the difference?

It’s important to be fully informed when making a decision about which course you’re going to study. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is our most popular course for its flexibility and diverse career outcomes, but if you’re already working in engineering (or want to), a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) – which has many units in common with the MBA – might be a better investment.

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