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23 August 2017

The Federal 2017-18 Budget has delivered a fiscal plan with bosting tax law changes that will affect business as well as f

22 June 2017

One of the main challenges facing law graduates and junior lawyers in the current employment market is to land a job in th

25 May 2017

Traditionally, lawyers have sat outside the core operations of a business, far removed from the everyday processes and nua

26 April 2017

There is no doubt among those in the legal industry that the traditional law firm model will eventually become a thing of

29 March 2017

To accelerate your career in law, you must stay true to why you chose this professional area in the first place.

28 February 2017

In a highly competitive job market, junior lawyers willing to refine their technical skills and personal attributes will h

27 January 2017

Millennials will reshape the future of corporate in-house practice and potentially the overall practice of law according t

27 December 2016

In an increasingly regulated business environment, the skills and knowledge that commercial lawyers bring to the corporate

5 December 2016

In today’s competitive employment market, LLMs are increasingly viewed as a viable option to secure a first job or move up

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