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Sturt Eastwood:
My learnings and certifications through Southern Cross University in many respects have taken me to the top of the business world. I have gone from humble beginnings through to running probably the tenth largest voice and satellite carrier in the world.

Could I have done that without an MBA? Answer is no.

Leanne Done:
I think doing the MBA has made me want to spread my wings and do things differently. and it’s certainly opened my eyes to my potential and the opportunities that are out there for me to be able to take a different career path should I choose to, or to just become better in the field that I am currently in.

You need pieces of paper that tell all these people that you don’t know, that actually you have credibility, you have the discipline and you have the skill set, and so an MBA as a certification piece once you reach a certain level in your career is, I think, a must.

It has also given me the inspiration to aspire to doing an executive position where I can make a change to some of the things that happen in a health environment.

Every single piece of work that I did with Southern Cross University has been put to use, and actually put to good use.

I think this MBA has given me the skills to be able to do different things, to be able to open my eyes to why people make decisions the way that they do. And, it helps me make better decision in my current job.

It’s amazing the way we put off some of those critical decisions in our life because it’s never quite the right time. Reality, there is never a right time. Just start. And I am sure Southern Cross University, as they did with me 20 years ago, will work with you to make sure it works for you.

Studying a Master of Business Administration online with Southern Cross University develops both the business know-how and the practical skills to advance your career or build your own business. You’ll examine contemporary management and develop solutions to complex commercial situations – all through the prism of the fast-paced, ever-evolving global digital economy.

We update our MBA curriculum continuously to equip you with the latest concepts, and ensure everything relates back to evolving trends. At the same time, this is a practical online course – you can choose from four specialisations to further hone your industry skills. If your eye is on the job market, the GMAC 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey found that, globally, 86% of companies plan to hire recent MBA graduates – a number that’s been steadily increasing since 2009.

Specialise or study a generalist MBA online

You have two options:

  • Study our comprehensive suite of business units with a specialisation in one of our four key fields: accounting, health services management, information knowledge management or managing and leading people. This is an effective way to gain the deep knowledge you need to enhance your professional expertise.
  • Study our comprehensive suite of business units without a specialisation, gaining skills and knowledge from a variety of units, and graduate with an understanding of every facet of business.


Analyse business management and processes with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of business law, financial performance, profitability and solvency.

Health Services Management

Apply principles of strategic management and planning to a health setting to deal with internal and external impacts, like funding cuts, internal restructure or a change in government.

Information and Knowledge Management

Implement strategic thinking to concepts, practice and development of knowledge and information management.

Managing and Leading People

Manage, motivate and inspire with leadership styles tailored to achieve strategic goals.

What you can study^

Career and industry outlook

The business world is constantly evolving, and so too are online MBA courses. Now, more than ever, the knowledge and leadership skills needed to successfully carry out management roles is in high demand across a number of sectors, including accounting and finance, business management, and other non-business specific fields.

Graduates of a Master of Business Administration degree are being sought out by employers as they’re understood to be a genuine asset to a company. Over the last five years, the demand for MBA graduates has grown by over 62% worldwide.

The 2017 GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey Report found that nine out of 10 employers across Asia-Pacific will be seeking MBA graduates to join their organisations. This is largely because of their solid preparation for management roles, in-depth problem-solving skills and professional networks.

Backing this up, a separate Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey also found that:

  • 96% of employers* agree that hiring business school graduates creates value for their companies; and
  • 68% of employers* agree that recruiting graduates of MBA program is a priority in their company’s hiring plans.


Flexible entry and exit options

We know that plans change. That’s why we’ve built flexible entry and completion options into the online Master of Business Administration.

This means that if you need to exit earlier than expected, you could still receive a postgraduate business degree through our online Graduate Certificate in Business or Graduate Diploma in Business, based on the units you’ve completed.

If you’d like to test the water before committing to the full MBA, you can enrol in our online Graduate Diploma in Business or Graduate Certificate in Business.

If you decide to return to your MBA at a later date, you’ll receive advanced standing towards your degree. Studying a postgraduate business degree online with Southern Cross University, with our flexibility and accessibility, is a win-win!

Advanced standing

When you apply for the online Master of Business Administration, we calculate advanced standing by looking at your particular education and experience. However, this outline will give you a good idea of what you may receive.

You may receive the four units in Part C as advanced standing, reducing your total study time by up to eight months, if you have:

  • a Bachelor degree in a similar field; or
  • a Graduate Certificate in business, or an equivalent qualification

You may also receive advanced standing if you:

  • demonstrate other academic or professional standing approved by our School Board
  • have completed units through our Executive Management Program; or
  • have five years’ relevant work experience or professional qualifications through formal or non-formal study.

Entry criteria

  • Demonstrated professional standing – either a Bachelor’s degree (or a similar qualification) from a university, or have other experience that we regard as equivalent to a degree.
  • Be proficient in English.

Find out more about Rules Relating to Awards and Specific Award Rules.

Student Testimonial

I found the MBA to be a really good blend between academic rigour and the pragmatic – that’s what I like about SCU. I was able to style the MBA into what I wanted for my career.

Simon McArthor, Southern Cross University MBA graduate

Learning with Southern Cross University Online

Southern Cross University’s online MBA courses fit around your work and your lifestyle. Units are delivered by tech-savvy academics via a fresh, smart, collaborative and interactive interface.

  • 100% online and flexible – complete six units a year, or skip a study period if life or work demands your full attention.
  • Student success support – from enquiry to graduation, we are there for you.
  • Networked for success – meet your future colleagues and collaborators.

Find out more about studying online by reading our FAQ or chatting to us via live chat down the bottom right of the window.


*Percentage of employers who responded the survey

Southern Cross University offer both online and on-campus versions of the MBA. This information refers to the online version. Please check the online MBA course listing at scu.edu.au or ask your Student Enrolment Advisor for more information.

This information is correct at time of release and subject to change without notice. Copyright Southern Cross University September 2016.