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Gain a strong understanding of Australian business law


Mitigate legal risk, understand legal obligation


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Quick facts


16 months part-time

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100% online


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$3,200 per unit, FEE-HELP available

Hear from Professor Bill MacNeil, Head of School of Law and Justice, on why he thinks the MBL is such a valuable course for non-lawyers, and why business professionals need a strong understanding of the law in relation to business.

Professor Bill McNeil: "Hi, I’m Bill MacNeil, I’m the Dean of the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University and I’m delighted by your interest in the online Master of Business Law at SCU." Subheading: 3 core themes of the MBL. Bill McNeil: "So there are three themes with the course. The first theme is knowledge, it’s a Legal-Acumen. Not only will you be able to identify legal issues and challenges, you’ll be able to understand, interpret, and apply legal doctrine and policy preemptively and proactively before those challenges become more deleterious - meaning leading to litigation or some type of mediation. Second, you’ll understand the risks and obligations that the law imposes or entails. So every decision that you make in business entails some sort of risk, but you’ll be aware of the regulatory structure, the policies, the laws in place, to minimise and mitigate those risks. Moreover you’ll understand the obligations, the rights and duties that arise from law and lawmaking, the contract they impose, that tort gets raised to, that commerce and corporations entail. Third and finally, you’ll be able to leverage opportunity. Imagine planning that is paralysis free, where your decision making is never frozen by anxiety about whether this will involve you in legal risk or obligations that you can’t sustain. You’ll know precisely what you can sustain and be able to manoeuvre, and move flexibility with agility and with confidence in all your decision making throughout your business career. So safeguard yourself and your business and enroll in the Master of Business Law at Southern Cross University."

Safeguard yourself and your business in a world of risk

The online Master of Business Law from Southern Cross University enables graduates to identify legal risk and obligation across the business landscape, resulting in better-informed business decisions. In an increasingly regulated work environment, business professionals cannot afford to operate blindly with no legal consideration within their day to day business decisions – one ill-advised decision can have devastating consequences.

Being able to confidently navigate the changing business landscape, understand the implications of your decisions and minimise risks can make you a critical and valued part of any business. 

Learning outcomes

Develop legal acumen

Understand, interpret and apply the law in relation to business contexts. Your increased legal literacy will benefit day-to-day business leadership. 


Identify legal risk & obligation 

Confidently identify the legal risk that exists behind your business decisions and understand the legal obligation present in corporate dealings. 


Leverage opportunities

Use your knowledge and skills to be agile in your business and seize opportunities quickly. Confidently navigate the changing business landscape, understand decision implications and minimise the risk of key decisions. 

What you will study

To gain your online Master of Business Law, you will study eight units. This includes two core units and six elective units. The elective units on offer will depend on what intake you begin your studies.

This unit provides a thorough introduction to the important institutions and processes that influence the ongoing development of Australian law.

Read more

In this unit, formulate and refine a research topic, locate source materials using advanced technologies and present a research proposal.

Read more

This unit offers you the opportunity to explore contemporary topics of interest, debate and policy development within the discipline of intellectual property (IP) law.

Read more

This unit engages with and analyses fundamental property law concepts.

Read more 

This unit provides an understanding of the operation of the competition law provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, as well as the economic theory underlying.

Read more

Gain a strong understanding of the operation of Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 – The Australian Consumer Law, and the economic theory underlying the Act.

Read more 

This unit examines the legal and equitable principles and statutory framework underpinning contract law in Australia.

Read more

This unit introduces the global legal system, specifically global business law.

Read more 

Explore the specific issues that impact corporations involved in litigation.

Read more 

Gain knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of tax law.

Read more 

Critically reflect on corporate governance mechanisms in the Australian legal terrain.

Read more 

Early exit option

If you need to take a break from study, our degree in Business Law has built in an early exit point. Receive a Graduate Certificate in Business Law by completing the unit Legal Institutions and Processes and three elective units.

Graduate Certificate
4 Units

Or continue studying

Masters Degree
+ 4 Units

A typical study period at SCU Online
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Our study periods: Jan, Mar, Apr, July, Sep, Nov

Late applications may be considered under special circumstances up until the start of O'Week. For more information please speak with a Student Enrolment Advisor.

Entry requirements

To qualify for the Master of Business Law online, you must have:

  • A Bachelor degree in any discipline with a minimum Credit average, or equivalent; or

  • A Bachelor degree in any discipline, or equivalent, and two years of documented relevant professional experience; AND

  • Students also need to be proficient in English.

If you are a qualified lawyer, you could also be eligible for the Master of Laws (Business Law) degree.

Find out more about Rules Relating to Awards and Specific Award Rules.

We recognise and grant credit for past education or qualifications in a process called advanced standing. If you're eligible for advanced standing, this can impact the number of units you need to study, reducing the time and cost of your overall degree. 

Find out more about applying for advanced standing

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Our online programs meet all of the AQF guidelines, ensuring quality education.

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5-STAR Rating for Institutional Student Support and Social Equity, Business and Management Teaching Quality, Teacher Education Learning Resources, Nursing Learning Resources and Skills Development.

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Our postgraduate student support and satisfaction both above the national average.

What our students say
Jessica - MBL - testimonial
Master of Business Law student Jessica.

The MBL includes electives in emerging fields like Intellectual Property Law, which will safeguard me as a small business owner and Consultant, as well as the companies which I represent.

Jessica Mahon

Online Master of Business Law graduate and Consultant

Mike - MBL - testimonial
Master of Business Law student Mike.

Favourite units were the Law of Corporate Governance, Global Business Law and Advanced Legal Research. I found these units both challenging and rewarding as well as increasing my overall business knowledge and ability to contribute to the Social Enterprise organisations to which I belong.

Mike McCaw

Online Master of Business Law graduate and Managing Director

Sangeeta - MBL - testimonial
MBL student Sangeeta.

I am able to better present the legal implications of certain projects in a global context in case the project is to be replicated in a different jurisdiction from where it was established.

Sangeeta Prasad

Online Master of Business Law graduate and Communications and Management Consultant

David- MBL - testimonial
MBL graduate David Fisher.

I'm a financial controller in an engineering firm. As I came from an accounting background, I needed to sit an Introduction to Law course to get started. I'm thoroughly enjoying the learning experience at SCU and the new perspectives are helping me progress my career.

David Fisher

Online Master of Business Law student and Financial Controller

Kathryn- MBL - testimonial
MBL graduate Kathryn.

I work for local government, so studying Advanced Property Law has greatly improved my knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by our ratepayers - as well as our administration - when it comes to property law, boundary realignments, strata titles and units, subdivision and dispute resolution.

Kathryn Oliver

Online Master of Business Law student and Business Systems Supervisor

What our students do

Current Master of Business Law students work in a range of business roles that require legal expertise. Below is a snapshot of some of these roles and jobs. 

  • Commercial Director
  • Governance and Planning Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Lecturer
  • Finance Officer


  • Contract Administrator
  • Commercial Services Manager
  • CEO
Course Academic

Meet our Course Academic

Dr Evgeny Guglyuvatyy is Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator in the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University. His PhD from UNSW was a comparative study of the climate change policies. He also holds a Master’s degree in Law from Nottingham University, and a LLB degree from Chelyabinsk State University.

Evgeny’s teaching and research experience spans over number of years at various Universities including the University of New South Wales, the University of Technology Sydney and others. He specialises in taxation law, climate change law and policy, commercial law, and forest policy. His research and publications are focussed on taxation law, international tax, forest policy, climate change law and policy and legal aspects of cryptocurrencies.

Dr Evgeny Guglyuvatyy