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What makes a good IT project manager?

13 January 2016

Most businesses rely on IT to operate. So it makes sense that project managers who are up-to-speed with technological updates and online systems are in demand more than ever. But, in addition to exceptional knowledge of IT practices, what other attributes make a great project manager?

The right blend of diplomacy and interpersonal skills

A good project manager appreciates different personalities and how they can work together. They are expected to manage people both vertically and horizontally across their organisation, and understand how different teams can work together efficiently – without conflict. If conflict arises, project managers need to be able to confidently address issues with relevant staff members and/or stakeholders, and know how to strategically resolve any disputes.

Integrity and clear communication skills

Effective project management requires clear, concise communication – and at no point should a project manager ever use knowledge as a weapon. The open, honest transfer of information across team members is key to productivity, respect and loyalty (not to mention, essential to delivering solutions in an ethical, sustainable way).

Valuable domain knowledge and IT skills

Project managers are not just hired for their core competencies in project management – such as adhesion to schedule, stakeholder management and risk mitigation – but also for relevant field expertise. Given the reliance businesses have on IT systems to function on a day-to-day basis, project managers with further applied knowledge in IT management really stand out from the crowd.

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