Embracing globalisation: how Australian business connects to world markets

Most of what we consume – from our clothes and smartphones to our thirst for finding answers on Google – is a result of globalisation. With these wonderful benefits delivered to our fingertips, it can be easy to take them all for granted. But how else do we prosper from this growth in culture, knowledge, ideas and – ultimately – money?
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The importance of engineering in STEM education

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is linked with generating high levels of productivity, creating better jobs (and more of them) as well as securing healthy economies. That’s just some of the reasons why the capabilities that come along with STEM – including creative problem solving and critical thinking – are becoming an increasingly large focus in the Australian classroom.

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Leadership opportunities in Australia’s healthcare sector

A career in the healthcare sector is both rewarding and gratifying, allowing you to contribute to your community and society at large. If you’re a current professional looking to further your career, you might be looking for more senior opportunities. From becoming a hospital CEO to managing a medical practice or a brand new pharmaceutical product line, the opportunities to add more value to the health sector are endless.

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How to help a boutique engineering firm make its mark

Marketing methods are traditionally well defined for large, conventional organisations, but what about a small business with an extremely niche service offering within a relatively small market sector?

The Industry Research Project unit in the Master of Engineering Management is helping recent graduate, Ronie Magcamit, place a small environmental consulting firm on the map in Victoria.

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Soft skills in IT – what they are and why they’re valued

In the complex and varied field of IT, needing the right knowledge and technical skills is a given. But, in such a competitive and rapidly changing environment, professionals need an extra edge to stand out. Having the right soft skills ensures that projects are better managed and are more likely to run smoothly. Organisations are picking up on the value of candidates who exhibit certain soft skills and are looking for the traits below when hiring IT managers.

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How changes in tax laws will affect you

The Federal 2017-18 Budget has delivered a fiscal plan with bosting tax law changes that will affect business as well as families. If you are a business owner, make sure you become acquainted with these changes before completing your 2017 tax return.

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