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What Can I Do with a Master of Education?

1 July 2022

If you’re a qualified teacher, you may be wondering “What can I do with a Master of Education?”

At SCU Online, we believe that there’s more to a successful career in education than being a good teacher. A Master of Education prepares you for all the challenges that come with working in education. Depending on your aspirations, there are many specialisations that can help you shape your career, including:

  • Contemporary educational leadership for your current school.

  • Implementation of wellbeing best practices across various educational institutions.

  • Practical business knowledge and understanding to make administrative and financial decisions within the education sector.

  • Bringing positive change to the education system, focusing on both inclusion and diversity.

Developing specialist knowledge with a masters degree will allow you to be a catalyst of positive change within education.

So, let’s explore this further and take a look at some of the commonly asked questions.

  • What is a Master of Education?

  • What are some Master of Education specialisations and career opportunities?

  • Why do a Master of Education?

What is a Master of Education?

Professor David Lynch is the Course Coordinator for the SCU Online Master of Education. He emphasises that a masters degree is the next step in your professionalisation. “For the practicing educator it foundations lifelong learning in the profession while enabling a more specialist focus,” he says.

Professor Lynch adds, “When we think about a masters degree today, we really see it as an extension of what it means to train as a teacher.”

Many students enrol in the Master of Education to become more specialised. “It’s an opportunity to understand some of the fundamental challenges in education,” reports Professor Lynch. One of the challenges, particularly in high school, is wellbeing, which is why SCU Online offers the Educational Wellbeing specialisation.

Some students use the Master of Education qualification more strategically, such as for career advancement. These students are usually attracted to the specialisation of educational leadership.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the use of technology in education along with the challenges it brings for teachers and parents alike. A Master of Education will help you address how technology will change education in the future.

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Master of Education career opportunities

At SCU Online, you can choose from one of three specialisations or complete a general Master of Education. There are many different Master of Education jobs available, depending on your chosen specialisation.

Educational Leadership specialisation

The Educational Leadership specialisation provides the vital skills needed for effective educational administration. The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority believes effective leadership supports a positive educational culture and a professional learning community.

The three learning outcomes of this specialisation are to:

  1. Strengthen your decision-making capabilities. This prepares you to make business-like decisions in an educational environment.

  2. Lead with confidence. You will gain leadership skills and knowledge relevant to today’s contemporary education landscape.

  3. Diversify your business skill set. You will learn invaluable financial and entrepreneurial skills.

Most students who enrol in the specialisation of educational leadership fall into one of two categories, according to Professor Lynch. “They are either in leadership positions and aspiring for greater leadership positions. Or they want to get into leadership,” says Professor Lynch.

Career opportunities for the Educational Leadership specialisation include:

  • principal or deputy principal

  • heads of department

  • leadership positions at tertiary institutions

  • education authorities in government departments

This specialisation adds to the resources available to make an impact as an educational leader.

Educational Wellbeing specialisation

The learning outcomes for the Educational Wellbeing specialisation are to:

  1. Obtain a unique take on wellbeing – to learn different ways of supporting the needs of students, as well as teachers.

  2. Build environments where everyone can thrive – to learn how to build truly supportive learning environments for all, linking evidence-based best practices to action that supports both students and staff.

  3. Enhance wellbeing – to gain the skills in responding to the diverse needs of students, fostering wellbeing and improving their learning outcomes.

Career opportunities for the Educational Wellbeing specialisation include:

  • wellbeing leader in primary or secondary school settings

  • school counsellor

  • wellbeing educator in primary, secondary or tertiary settings

  • pastoral care worker or youth worker

  • social worker in educational settings

Educational Inclusion and Diversity specialisation

The learning outcomes for the Educational Inclusion and Diversity specialisation are:

  1. Creating a sustainable professional practice. You’ll learn to create environments that encourage lifelong learning. This ensures you’ll have a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

  2. Learning for all. You’ll learn to reflect on and put in place pedagogy that ensures You’ll meet diverse learners’ needs. This enhances student wellbeing, thereby increasing positive learning outcomes.

  3. Collaborative technology. You’ll learn to put in place effective use of technology that supports student learning and participation.

Career opportunities for the educational inclusion and diversity specialisation include:

  • special education teacher

  • social worker in educational settings

  • youth worker

  • disability support worker

  • curriculum designer

  • community liaison worker

  • early childhood intervention specialists

It’s evident that a Master of Education will take you beyond just teaching. It’ll give you the skills and insights to build a strong foundation for your career.

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Why study a Master of Education?

SCU Online’s School of Education is proud of its tradition of contributing to the teaching profession. The staff continue this tradition by offering quality professional development opportunities to those committed to lifelong learning.

At SCU Online, you can:

  1. Apply what you learn in practice. The skills and knowledge you learn in the online Master of Education is relevant from day one. You can affect positive change on your students while studying towards your qualification.

  2. Get qualified quicker. Every unit is seven weeks long and you can enrol in as many as six units each year. This means you can graduate in as little as 16 months if you study part-time. With six intakes available throughout the year, you can also get started very quickly. This accelerated online learning model has been tailored for busy teachers like yourself.

  3. Study 100 per cent online. This means you can study from anywhere in Australia. You also won’t need to travel, allowing you to use that time to study instead.

  4. Specialise or study towards a general Master of Education. Choose from one of three specialisations or graduate with a general Master of Education.

You’ll learn from experienced primary and secondary academics. And what’s more, SCU Online provides you with the support you need while you’re taking that next step in your educational career.

What does a Master of Education get you?

There’s no question that a Master of Education will elevate your career in education. With SCU Online, you can study at a pace that suits you.

Completing a masters degree with SCU Online ensures you’re studying with world leaders in education. And with six intakes per year, you can get started with your study when it’s convenient for you.

Our SCU Online Master of Education is also one of Australia’s most affordable online education degrees, making the decision to upskill even easier.

If the pursuit of knowledge takes your fancy, then find out more about SCU Online’s Master of Education today.