If you are a healthcare professional currently working in either a clinical, public health or educational environment, you will be familiar with research. This unit builds upon your existing experience and knowledge of healthcare research, explaining in detail the philosophical and methodological perspectives involved.

You will assess¬†existing literature to further understand how to frame research problems and identify omissions in prior studies. Through rigorous selection of research methodologies, you’ll show competence in selecting the appropriate sample and study path for various types of research. You’ll also be well versed in data collection methods and interpretive tools. Presenting findings of healthcare research correctly is essential; you will walk away highly capable of carrying out and contributing to extensive research in your field.

In this unit, you will study:

  • Introduction to health research and methodological perspectives
  • Research problems, questions and the literature
  • Selecting an appropriate research methodology and design
  • Research project planning
  • Methods of data collection
  • Methods of data analysis and interpretation.



Please refer to the teaching and assessment breakdown for this unit.


You can study this unit as part of the Master of Healthcare Leadership.


Please note, unit structure and content are subject to change. Contact your SCU Online student advisor on 1300 589 882 for more information based on your particular circumstances.