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Tap into your potential: 100% online MBA in Perth

Officially the 'world’s most isolated capital city', Perth is a city unlike any other place in Australia. Business dealings may be dominated by the east coast, but there’s plenty going on out west too. The relaxed and friendly environment of Perth often encourages a different style of commercial dealings, which appeal to a range of corporate industries and businesses. If you are based in Perth, online learning offers a flexible approach to gaining your MBA on your own terms. 

Perth's career and industry outlook

Perth's skyline.
City of Perth's skyline on a sunny day. 

According to data from the Government of Western Australia, Western Australia's gross state product (GSP) of $259.4 billion in 2017-18, was 14% of Australia's gross domestic product. The industry sectors with a contribution to real GSP growth from 2017 - 2018 include mining, healthcare and social assistance and finance and insurance. 

The value of an MBA 

At Southern Cross University Online, our students can study their postgraduate qualification anywhere in Australia (and the world), including Perth. We've been delivering online learning for nearly 20 years, and our courses are 100% online and accelerated. Find below information about studying your MBA in Perth with Southern Cross University Online.

The business world is continually evolving, and so too are online MBA courses. Management roles are in high demand across several sectors, including accounting and finance, business management, and other non-business specific fields. Graduates of a Master of Business Administration degree are being sought out by employers as they're understood to be a genuine asset to a company. According to the 2019 Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), Corporate Recruiters Survey, nearly 9 in 10 (87%) companies located in the Asia Pacific plan to hire MBAs - the highest share of any world region. Other things to note from the survey:

  • MBA hiring demand in 2019 is strongest among companies in the consulting, energy/utilities, health care and technology industries.
  • Start-ups have had the most significant increase between their 2018 MBA actual hiring rate (45%) and 29% projected hiring rate at 62%.

Studying in Perth with SCU Online

Whether from the comfort of your home in Fremantle, the shores of Claremont or your favourite coffee shop in North Perth, you can advance your career through an online MBA from Southern Cross University Online. Honing your skills in management and leadership, finance and the global digital economy, our online MBA has been designed by the same expert academics as the on-campus offering, meaning you receive the same rigorous education from the comfort and convenience of your Perth location. Our MBA online curriculum provides a diverse subject choice guaranteed to ensure you get the most out of your knowledge and interests. Students can choose to delve into topics as broad as corporation law, accounting and strategic planning. In addition, our hands-on learning options allow you to explore what you are most passionate about, with research and portfolio courses that work with your existing experience to deliver the highest possible outcomes. A strong focus on the potential of digital systems will also enable you to flourish in the modern business environment.

With hard work and support from Southern Cross University Online, an online MBA could have you joining the ranks of highly-sought-after business school graduates in no time.

Our online learning platform 

Our online learning platform helps professionals just like you gain their MBA. All study is 100% online, delivered via a dynamic, interactive learning environment. This means you can learn wherever, whenever it suits your schedule. The online Master of Business Administration from Southern Cross University Online is the same as an on-campus course, and students receive the same rigorous education as an on-campus student.

What you’ll study

You will explore topics such as accounting, corporate governance, human resources, and global business practices. With a focus on the evolving digital economy and its role in influencing every facet of the business world, you'll develop the skill to keep up with emerging trends. Our double-weighted Industry Research Project provides the opportunity for you to stretch your wings and delve deep into the areas that interest you most.

Specialise or generalise your degree

Want to study online from Perth? You can specialise or study a generalist MBA online. You have two options:

  • Study our comprehensive suite of business units with a specialisation in one of our four key fields: accounting, health services management, information knowledge management or managing and leading people. This study option is an effective way to gain the in-depth knowledge you need to enhance your professional expertise in a specific area.
  • Study our comprehensive suite of business units without a specialisation, gaining skills and knowledge from a variety of topics, and graduate with an understanding of every facet of Business. 

Perth online MBA entry/exit options

We know that plans change. That’s why we’ve built flexible entry and completion options for those studying their online Master of Business Administration. This means that if you need to exit earlier than expected, you could still receive a postgraduate business degree through our online Graduate Certificate in Business or Graduate Diploma in Business, based on the units you’ve completed.

If you decide to return to your MBA online at a later date, you’ll receive advanced standing towards your degree. Studying a postgraduate business degree online with Southern Cross University, with our flexibility and accessibility, is a win-win!

To qualify for entry into the MBA, students must:

  • Demonstrate professional standing – either a bachelor's degree (or a similar qualification) from a university or have other experience that we regard as equivalent to a degree.
  • Be proficient in English.

Living and learning in Perth with SCU Online

For many students, online study means learning in the comfort of their own home. Southern Cross University Online students based in Perth can study an online MBA course that fits around their work and lifestyle. Tech-savvy academics deliver units via a fresh, smart, collaborative and interactive interface.

  • 100% online and flexible – complete six units a year, or skip a study period if life or work demands your full attention.
  • Student success support – from enquiry to graduation, we are there for you.
  • Networked for success – meet your future colleagues and collaborators.

Learn more about our Master of Business, Graduate Diploma of Business and Graduate Certificate in Business or find out more about studying online

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