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What is a company's liability for its employees' actions?

18 November 2019

How does somebody entering the legal writing field ensure their writing doesn’t let them down? Here are our top tips for powerful legal writing.

How to increase student wellbeing in education

7 November 2019

Classrooms can be a challenging place – they can make or break students. To shape confident and capable students, it’s critical for educators to support the wellbeing of all learners. There’s a growing body of evidence that shows that aiding the emotional wellbeing of students can lead to success, both academically and socially. Here are four ways education leaders can improve student wellbeing.

Acceptable and residual risk: Tips on how to identify risk in project management

4 November 2019

Projects are, by their very nature, subject to a range of risks. Project management not only exists to ensure work is carried out and completed, but it is also the function responsible for minimising as much risk as possible throughout and following a project.
Because risk is such an important topic in the world of project management, a language has developed around risk in its varying forms. This terminology helps professionals in the industry to understand various aspects of a risk, and whether and how that risk has been addressed.

Family intervention in mental health care

31 October 2019

Not all mental illness in children can be prevented, but for those that can, the responsibility for prevention is shared by families, teachers, health professionals and the community. For mental illnesses that cannot be prevented, that responsibility shifts to one-off support. In the same way that physical health is a concern for family, friends and employers, mental health must be seen as equally important for the whole community. 

The role of leadership in successful parent engagement

24 October 2019

When parents get involved in their child’s education, children do better at school. According to education researchers, families can improve their children’s academic performance in school and have a major impact on attendance and behaviour. So, how can schools form effective parental partnerships, and get parents to commit to their child’s education beyond volunteering at the school fete? It starts with educational leadership.

Course Coordinator profile: Dr Nasim Salehi

17 October 2019

Tips for effective legal writing

10 October 2019

How does somebody entering the legal writing field ensure their writing doesn’t let them down? Here are our top tips for powerful legal writing.


How difficult is an MBA?

2 October 2019

We've put together our top hints and tips to make one of the most challenging degrees also one of the most enjoyable and rewarding.

How to become a project manager

27 September 2019

From engineering to IT and from defence to finance, and almost every industry in between, project managers are in increasing demand.

Whether they’re ensuring the smooth management of a major urban infrastructure project, overseeing the delivery of a new mining development, bringing to life a new community health initiative, or implementing a cloud-based software system for a client, project managers are a vital ingredient when the working environment becomes complex.

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