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What does an MBA curriculum include?

16 May 2022

Learn more about why pursuing an MBA could be a great opportunity for your career. We interviewed 813 business leaders, asking them about this very topic.


How To Prioritise Tasks

17 March 2022

So, it’s 9.00am, and you’ve written your to-do list for the day. You’ve included everything from today’s classes to the set readings for next week’s tutorial, from brainstorming ideas for your upcoming research project to writing the abstract for your thesis. You’ve even remembered to put down making that phone call to check in on your best friend who you haven’t seen in weeks.

Company Pressures to Continue Education

9 March 2022

If you could learn any skill—and today you likely can—would you actually learn it? What if your employer was willing to cover any costs associated with the education required? Would you learn it then?


Complete Guide to Business Analyst Skills: Definitions, Examples and Tips

8 March 2022

In the business sector, few careers are as interesting and diverse as that of a business analyst. A business analyst, or someone who analyses and creates solutions for the market, processes, or systems in business, is a fast-growing career in Australia. In fact, a survey conducted by Onya Magazine predicted that the number of business analyst jobs will increase to 26,100 by 2023.

Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing

5 March 2022

Practising as a registered nurse (RN) is a rewarding, respected career with a very promising future. The Australian government site, Job Outlook, shows robust growth prospects for the highly skilled role of an RN. While there is a diverse range of specialisations available to nurses, from aged care to rehabilitation, community health to medical practice nurses, surgical RN to paediatrics, there is a growing need for mental health nurses in Australia and beyond.

How to Become a Project Manager

3 March 2022

From engineering to information technology (IT), from defence to finance to almost every industry in between, project managers are increasing in demand.

Whether they are ensuring the smooth management of a major urban infrastructure project, overseeing the delivery of new mining developments, bringing to life a new community health initiative, or implementing a cloud-based software system for a client, project managers are a vital ingredient when the working environment becomes complex.

How to Become a Mental Health Nurse in Australia

3 March 2022

In Australia, as in many parts of the world, mental health problems are prevalent and appear to be on the rise. Research shows that as many as one in five Australians have a mental health condition, and many require treatment at some time during their lives. For this reason, mental health nurses are a critical part of the workforce and of every patient’s care.

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