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How Does SCU Create Online Courses?

14 May 2021

Studying online is a different experience to the traditional classroom environment.

That is why it’s important for SCU Online to create learning environments that empower students to think differently, embrace change and upskill for the future.

Professional Pathways and Jobs for Mental Health Workers

6 May 2021

Mental health has become top-of-mind for many and there aren’t nearly enough skilled people to meet a steadily growing demand for practitioners and clinicians. Considering a career in mental health? Find out what it takes and how your existing experience might open doors for you in the sector.

A Day in the Life of a Mental Health Nurse

5 May 2021

Wondering if you’re suited to a career in mental health? Here's a detailed day in the life of a mental health professional.

Marina Zobouian is a graduate of SCU Online's Master of Mental Health Nursing. She is part of an outreach team providing mental health within the community, based in NSW. Marina shares the story of her career shift from nursing to qualified mental health nurse, the ups and downs of the job and a 'typical' day in her working life.


17 teaching strategies for boosting student engagement

3 May 2021

High student engagement and motivation in the classroom are essential. Here are 17 effective teaching strategies to help boost student engagement and learning.

Why study an MBA online in 2021

22 April 2021

The coronavirus pandemic sent shockwaves through universities as they scrambled to pivot from lecture halls to online learning. Meanwhile, 5000 students at Southern Cross University (SCU) calmly logged in – just like two decades of alumni before them.

Studying an MBA online is not just a quick fix for pandemics. It’s a barrier-busting revolution in postgraduate study that closes the gap between you and your career ambitions.

7 different types of engineers

19 March 2021

Some people become interested in engineering because they’re attracted to the idea of building major infrastructure — airports, bridges, railway systems, skyscrapers and more. Others have an interest in how things such as computer systems, electronic circuits, software and apps work. Still, more are interested in making cities more liveable, bringing fresh water to villagers in developing nations, or designing launch vehicles that can transport people safely to space and back.


How to learn finance: A guide for non-finance managers

2 January 2021

Senior managers and CEOs must understand every part of a business, including the unique challenges, opportunities, and workings of each department. But no area of knowledge is more important than finance. A robust budget and strong financial planning are fundamental to business success.

“To reach top management levels in large companies, some background in finance is vital,” explains SCU Online finance lecturer Jennifer Harrison. “CEOs need to understand the language of finance so they can communicate effectively with the board of directors, shareholders and analysts.”

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