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7 June 2017

Though we try our best to avoid conflict, sometimes it feels inevitable – especially in the world of project management.

8 May 2017

There’s some debate at the moment around the value of completing a Masters in project management, as opposed to a shorter,

11 April 2017

With an overwhelming catalogue of project management tools on the market, how can you find the best one for you?

9 March 2017

The leap into a project management role isn’t always as straightforward as other career progression paths.

7 February 2017

The best, most finely tuned project management doesn’t just affect the outcome of an individual projec

13 January 2017

The benefits of a successful project for your company, employees and, of course, clients are obvious.

13 December 2016

The use of subject matter experts can be astronomically beneficial for a project.

14 November 2016

Projects can be complicated, and thus a lot of things can go wrong; from continually changing goal posts to an inexperienc

11 October 2016

Most multinational companies would not be where they are today without having the right project management procedures in p

14 September 2016

If you’re looking to make serious bucks as a project manager, you’re in luck.

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