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3 December 2019

Competitive sourcing in project management is not just about price.

4 November 2019

Projects are, by their very nature, subject to a range of risks.

27 September 2019

From engineering to IT and from defence to finance, and almost every industry in between, project managers are i

17 May 2019

Project Managers are integral to the smooth operation of many functions across varying industries.

11 February 2019

As Australian businesses embrace project management, a study has revealed there’s a long way to go.

4 January 2019

Endorsement by the Australian Institute of Project Management takes our Master of Project Management to an entirely new le

1 February 2018

Stories about underpaid staff in several Australian franchises, not to mention allegations that Australia biggest bank has

13 December 2017

Project management is becoming an increasingly critical component of business operations.

15 November 2017

We recently sat down with double-degree graduate, Steven Walsh, to learn more about his experiences studying the postgradu

20 July 2017

So, you’re an experienced project manager and you’ve been thinking about formalising that experience with a Masters for a

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