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Top 10 MBA jobs for graduates

19 December 2022

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a practical degree that equips graduates with a wide range of tools, including leadership skills, finance and marketing expertise and entrepreneurial skills. The MBA curriculum includes a broad range of traditional subjects such as accounting, global business and project management, as well as subjects geared more toward today’s modern workplace, including digital marketing and business analytics.

That diversity of skills opens up an array of careers graduates can choose from. Here are some popular MBA jobs to get you thinking about going back to school and enrolling in an MBA program.

Top MBA jobs

An MBA can prepare graduates for a wide array of careers that span across industries. Consider some of the top MBA jobs available for graduates.

1. Marketing manager

Being a marketing manager could put you behind some of the biggest, most exciting brands in the world, including the Olympic Games. To succeed in marketing, you’ll need to be proficient in information technology, financial management and business operations. You’ll also need a creative flair.

Marketing manager responsibilities

A marketing manager’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Promoting a business, product or service

  • Creating a marketing strategy

  • Creating and executing marketing campaigns

  • Ensuring that the company is communicating the right messages to attract and retain customers

  • Managing stakeholder relationships, including with cross-functional groups and senior leadership

Marketing manager salary

Marketing managers in Australia had an average annual salary of approximately $81,500 as of November 2022, according to Payscale.

2. Human resources manager

Understanding how to manage people is a crucial part of the Master of Business Administration curriculum. With an MBA degree, you can gather valuable work experience in a human resources management position. HR management positions can add a new skill set to your resume.

Human resources manager responsibilities

A human resources manager’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Creating and executing an HR strategy, including recruitment, performance, engagement and succession planning

  • Managing talent acquisition, including employer branding, recruitment, interviewing and job role creation

  • Managing talent development, including understanding training needs and sourcing and creating training programs

  • Managing performance, including remuneration and benefits

  • Understanding and managing industrial relations and employment laws and contracts

Human resources manager salary

Human resources managers in Australia had an average annual salary of approximately $92,880 as of November 2022, according to Payscale.

3. Operations manager

While an MBA can lead to a career with a big corporation, it’s also a great qualification for people working in nonprofits, nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) or the public sector. MBA graduates are well equipped to take charge of financial management, and they can manage the business operation of any organisation at any scale.

Operations manager responsibilities

An operations manager’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Overseeing company operations, including operational management systems, processes and activities

  • Managing resources, including purchasing materials, overseeing staff and managing warehouses and offices

  • Ensuring the organisation remains legally compliant

  • Creating and managing a strategic operational and financial plan to improve profitability

  • Managing quality control

Operations manager salary

Operation managers in Australia had an average annual salary of approximately $84,808 as of November 2022, according to Payscale.

4. Tech founder (entrepreneur)

Creative, savvy and full of ideas, entrepreneurs gain numerous advantages by earning an MBA. Entrepreneurship is an MBA job that graduates may take on after gaining business expertise. Being an entrepreneur can be risky, but the rewards are plentiful, especially in the technology field. An MBA degree can help give you the skill set to get your next idea off the ground.

Tech founder responsibilities

A tech founder’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Ideating, planning and creating a technical product

  • Recognising what job roles are required and hiring a team

  • Developing strategic partnerships and recognising market opportunities for expansion

  • Managing the company’s finances, including raising capital

  • Creating and executing business plans, including marketing

  • Leading a team and reporting to investors and board members

Tech founder salary

While it doesn’t offer salary figures for entrepreneurs or tech founders, Payscale reports that MBA graduates in entrepreneurship in Australia earn an average annual salary of approximately $125,000.

5. Customer experience manager

Customer experience (CX) managers focus on how customers interact with a product or service. They also work closely with the marketing manager to deliver what customers need. MBA graduates who have a well-honed understanding of the product they are representing can be great candidates for customer experience manager roles.

Customer experience manager responsibilities

A customer experience manager’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Discovering and leading initiatives to consistently improve the customer experience

  • Optimising customer retention, including increasing overall customer satisfaction

  • Mapping the customer journey and identifying ways to proactively improve touch points

  • Developing a plan to survey customers throughout their journey and collate and report on the results

  • Identifying opportunities for continuous reporting on and improvement of the customer journey

Customer experience manager salary

Customer experience managers in Australia earned an average approximate salary of $80,892 as of November 2022, according to Payscale.

6. Finance manager

MBA graduates gain a strong understanding of business and finance, and one area where their skills are in high demand is in organisations’ finance departments. Businesses are always looking for talented employees with strong business acumen to lead their finance teams.

Finance manager responsibilities

A finance manager’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Collating, interpreting and reviewing financial data

  • Using data to predict future financial trends

  • Producing financial reports for stakeholders and providing advice on how finances may impact future decisions

  • Developing short- and long-term business plans

  • Reviewing and reporting on financial risks

Finance manager salary

Finance managers in Australia had an average annual salary of approximately $100,351 as of November 2022, according to Payscale.

7. Data manager

The Australian Tax Office is always looking for MBA graduates with a flair for financial, data and information management. Data managers help build and manage systems to analyse and administer large volumes of data for reporting and compliance. For graduates with financial backgrounds and knowledge, this could be a great MBA job option.

Data manager responsibilities

A data manager’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Ensuring that data management policies comply with privacy and other relevant laws

  • Developing programs and systems that enable the collection of accurate data

  • Managing cyber security risks and ensuring that data is housed securely

  • Analysing and interpreting large amounts of data to identify patterns and relationships

  • Reporting on the outcomes of data analysis

Data manager salary

Data managers in Australia had an average annual salary of approximately $103,165 as of October 2022, according to Payscale.

8. Health services manager

Want your MBA to have a positive impact on the world? You could find yourself working in business management in the healthcare sector. A career in services management for a hospital, health centre or nursing home relies not only on business skills but also requires a human touch.

Health services manager responsibilities

A health services manager’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Creating and executing operational plans for the organisation

  • Developing and implementing relevant policies and procedures

  • Leading, managing and ensuring the ongoing welfare of staff, including recruiting and managing rosters

  • Leading ongoing initiatives to improve patient care

  • Managing budgets and preparing relevant financial and operational reports

Health services manager salary

Health services managers in Australia had an average annual salary of approximately $90,000 as of March 2022, according to Payscale.

9. Business owner

Being your own boss means doing business your way. With an MBA, you’ll have the necessary tools to run a small to medium-sized business. Maybe your dream is to own a boutique or a health food store. Or maybe you’d prefer a service business such as providing information technology services. Whatever your speciality, an MBA degree creates endless potential.

Business owner responsibilities

Business owners’ responsibilities vary widely depending on the field, but responsibilities may include:

  • Creating and executing an operational plan to build the business

  • Marketing and sales, which may include digital marketing, relationship marketing or field sales

  • Managing the finance and accounting requirements of the business

  • Providing exceptional customer service, or creating a plan to manage customer service (including outsourcing)

  • Managing all aspects of human resources, including hiring and training staff

Business owner salary

Business owners’ salaries vary vastly depending on what type of business the owner operates.

10. Management consultant

MBA graduates have valuable knowledge and skills to share with others. Becoming a consultant means providing needed advice to business professionals, from managers at large companies to up-and-coming entrepreneurs. With the help of insider knowledge provided by a program, the next big thing could be just around the corner for this MBA job.

Management consultant responsibilities

A management consultant’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Engaging with clients on a project’s scope and the areas of proposed analysis and improvement

  • Facilitating workshops and discussions with clients to elaborate on the problems to be solved

  • Defining a problem and researching possible solutions

  • Performing analysis, including quantitative and qualitative analysis

  • Consolidating and presenting findings

Management consultant salary

Management consultants in Australia had an average annual salary of approximately $91,856 as of November 2022, according to Payscale.

Jobs for MBA graduates begin with a degree

A wide range of jobs for MBA graduates are available in several different industries. The first step to exploring these career opportunities is to pursue the right qualifications.

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