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Why specialise your M.Ed in Educational Wellbeing?


Lead wellbeing initiatives across your school community


Academics have a wealth of primary and secondary school experience


Become an effective leader in the school and classroom


Supports next step in educational career 


Be supported every step of the way 


Accelerated, online learning designed for busy teachers 


One of Australia's most affordable online MEd degrees 

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Quick facts


16 months part-time*

Study mode

100% online


Jan, Mar, Apr, July, Sep, Nov




$2,699 per unit, FEE-HELP available

*completion time dependent on individual study path and course availability. Please speak to a Student Advisor for more information.

Master of Education graduate Aleasa Brink speaks about the benefits of engaging in and promoting lifelong learning. 

Aleasa Brink: "Education is a lifelong skill. So, lifelong learning is something that I talk about within my school and within the profession I work, so modelling that and continuing on that path is something that's very important for me." Subheading: What are you trying to achieve from online study? Aleasa: "I want to progress myself in my career and professionally, it's quite relevant. The learning that I'm doing with the study is helping with my work and my work is helping with my study." Subheading: What are your tips for students considering online study? Aleasa: "My first tip would be just to have a go! And finding a course that is going to complement what you're doing, so for me - not a load on top of what I'm doing. It really fits in seamlessly with what I'm already doing, and enhancing that."

Lead the future of education

With an online Master of Education, specialising in Educational Wellbeing, you'll be able to instil wellbeing practice and initiatives across your school community. Using specialised skills, you can build healthy, supportive learning environments in today's contemporary educational context.

Gain the advanced skills, knowledge and research skills to implement solutions that improve overall social and emotional wellbeing for students, teachers and school communities. Through advanced coursework, develop your understanding of, and appreciation for, diversity in educational contexts, knowing how to meet diverse student needs and increasing your ability to support students through challenging situations.

Learning outcomes

Unique take on wellbeing 

Focus on the needs of teachers as well as learners. 

Build thriving environments

Build environments where everyone can thrive. 

Enhance wellbeing 

Learn skills to respond to the diverse needs of students and enhance student wellbeing. 

What you will study

To gain your online Master of Education, you will study eight units in total, spanning four core units and four elective units. To complete a specialisation, there are four specific elective units, or for a generalist M.Ed, choose four electives across all specialisations. 

This unit explores the broad canvas of social and political contexts in which educational leaders operate at a state, national and global level.

Read more

This unit is designed to prepare you for educational environments in Australia and around the world.

Read more

Explore concepts from the professional learning community, and the latest research literature.

Read more

This unit develops knowledge and understanding of generic research and evaluation tools in the educational context.

Read more 

This unit introduces the fundamentals of financial and management accounting viewed from the perspective of the business manager.

Read more

This unit looks at the aims and goals of HR and its role in business.

Read more 

Explore a diverse range of leadership styles, preparing you for a bright future in leadership or management.

Read more

Gain the skills to identify and utilise data to improve educational performance.

Read more 

This unit provides the knowledge and skills required to effectively support children and young people experiencing personal difficulties and require social and or emotional support. 

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This unit is designed to consolidate awareness, knowledge and experience in understanding and meeting diverse learners' needs in educational settings. 

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In this unit, you will develop the skills to establish wellbeing best practice in your school community.

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This unit focuses on knowledge, understandings and practices concerning student wellbeing at school.

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Specialise in Educational Leadership to effectively leverage leadership and business strategies in educational administration settings.

Bring positive change to the education system with a specialisation focussing on improving teacher and student welfare.

Early exit option

We know that plans change, which is why we’ve built flexible completion options into the online Master of Education. If you need to exit early, you could still receive a Graduate Certificate in Education after completing four core units. 

Graduate Certificate
4 Units

Or continue studying

Masters Degree
+ 4 Units

A typical study period at SCU Online
Typical study period timeline

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Applications close in

14 days

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Our study periods: Jan, Mar, Apr, July, Sep, Nov

Entry requirements

To qualify for entry to the Master of Education online, you must have:

  • four-year Bachelor degree in Education from any Australian university or equivalent; OR
  • an undergraduate degree and a fourth-year level teaching qualification from any Australian university or equivalent

In either case, students need to be proficient in English.

Find out more about Rules Relating to Awards and Specific Award Rules

We recognise and grant credit for past education or qualifications in a process called advanced standing. If you're eligible for advanced standing, this can impact the number of units you need to study, reducing the time and cost of your overall degree. 

Find out more about applying for advanced standing

Ready to take the next step in your career? It's your time.

At Southern Cross University Online, we've helped thousands of people with real lives and real ambition to realise their goals and dreams by supporting them every step of the way.
We provide affordable courses, flexible learning and excellent student support, so you can achieve the impossible and make the most out of your time. 
It’s time to put yourself first. Follow your ambition. 

When you study online with SCU, you're not on your own. We're connected, together. 

Our teachers, academics and education designers have built these courses for people like you. Before commencing study, your dedicated Student Success Advisor will be in touch by phone, email or chat to help you plan your schedule. As you work towards your dream of achieving your degree, your advisor works like an extra pair of eyes and ears with support, advice and motivation throughout your study journey. 


scu ssa at his desk.

Our Accreditations & Endorsements

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Our online programs meet all of the AQF guidelines, ensuring quality education.

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5-STAR Rating for Full-Time Employment, Overall Experience, Student Support, Learning Resources, Teaching Quality and Skills Development.

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Southern Cross University is one of the world's Top 200 Young Universities.

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Our postgraduate student support and satisfaction both above the national average.

What our students say
Jessica-MED testimonial
SCU online MED student Jessica.

The units specific to wellbeing were my favourite units. The educational leadership with regards to wellbeing was very engaging due to its informative content and high level of relevancy with that is currently happening within schools around Australia.

Jessica Nelson
Online M.Ed (Educational Wellbeing) graduate

Matthew-MED testimonial
SCU online MED student Matthew smiling and holding a textbook in a school courtyard.

After two years of full-time teaching, I decided that it was time to further my skills and qualifications. After looking at courses online and speaking with colleagues, I came across the M.Ed being offered by SCU Online. Throughout this course, I am finding that a lot of what I am studying related perfectly to my everyday work in my school.

Matthew Scott

Online M.Ed (Educational Wellbeing) graduate

Aleasa-MED testimonial

The content within the course directly relates to my professional life so I use this time to re-read prescribed texts, research or articles that will help to develop my understanding of the unit as well as develop me professionally. I think it is important to model lifelong learning to my staff and students and this is one way in which I can do that.

Aleasa Brink

Online M.Ed graduate and Primary School Principal

What our students do

Our Master of Education students work in a variety of educational contexts around Australia. Below is a snapshot of some of these roles and jobs. 

  • Deputy Head of School
  • Lead Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Principal
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Education Consultant


  • Classroom Teacher
  • Assistant Principal
  • Community Wellbeing Coordinator
Course Coordinator

Watch the Master of Education’s Course Coordinator, Dr Anne Bellert discuss the benefits of further study for teachers and educational professionals.

Subheading: Why SCU Online? Anne Bellert: "The School of Education has a proud history of making a great contribution to teacher education and to the profession of teaching that stretches back almost 50 years. To ensure academic rigour, all staff involved in the development, writing and teaching of these units are academics with PhDs in various fields within the discipline of education. The Master of Education provides you with many opportunities for career progression and what's more, it's designed to suit your busy lifestyle. The course is conducted fully online and the demands of the course are tailored towards your professional needs. You can pave the way for future thinkers as the leader of your school. The skills provided by a Master of Education will set you up to lead your department to make informed decisions in line with the curriculum, and provide guidance and instructional leadership to other teachers. Southern Cross University Online boasts one of the most cost-effective online Master of Education degrees in Australia."

Meet our Course Coordinator

Dr Anne Bellert is a teacher and researcher committed to achieving sustainable learning — which involves learning for all, teaching that matters and learning that lasts. Anne is a qualified primary school and special education teacher and consultant who has worked in a wide range of school settings since the late 1990s and holds a PhD from the University of New England.

As well as teaching, Anne has worked closely with classroom teachers, school executives and family members of students with disabilities to promote successful school transitions, inclusive classroom practices and sustainable systemic approaches.