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Becoming a leader in the healthcare sector

5 January 2016

Given the rapid change in Australian and global healthcare systems, it’s no wonder people are calling for a change in the way these systems are led. Ageing populations strain many areas, from research and experimental medicine to patient care and management. The question is: how can we keep up with this change? The answer depends on our future healthcare industry leaders.

What does leadership in healthcare look like?

The future leaders of tomorrow’s healthcare industry are a far cry from that of 50 years ago. Changes in the industry require leaders who can innovate and navigate difficult times, managing both internal and external pressure from healthcare workers and the public. Age-related disease needs to be effectively managed and leaders will be expected to devise new solutions to old problems.

Public health itself has not changed. Patients need to be cared for and research still needs to be done. However, the way patient care is delivered – in line with research, preventative development and diagnostic and technology – demands a new wave of healthcare professionals with strong leadership capabilities.

Developing skills and experience with Future Health Leaders

Finding opportunities to further your skills through continuing professional development, getting involved with peak industry bodies and working with a mentor are all a vital part of becoming a healthcare leader.

Future Health Leaders is a national government-backed community for professionals seeking to shape the future of healthcare in Australia. Current health students, or those who have graduated in the past five years, are eligible to join. It provides a collaborative space to learn from peers, work alongside other team members in healthcare environments, and develop solutions from a variety of perspectives on a range of healthcare problems spanning technological advances to lifestyle changes.

Getting involved with Future Health Leaders – combined with relevant study – presents ambitious leaders with great opportunity. The future requires professionals who can dive into issues and implement strategy for change while evaluating benefits, costs and return on investment.

If you think you could be an innovative healthcare leader in years to come, and you’re ready for a challenge, speak to our enrolment advisors on 1300 589 882 about our Master of Healthcare Leadership or MBA in Health Services Management.

Along with developing your research and problem solving skills (relevant to a clinical setting) you’ll qualify to be a Future Health Leaders council member, and discover new ways to tackle the health reform alongside other aspiring young minds.