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Course Coordinator profile: Dr Nasim Salehi
17 October 2019

If you are a health professional considering a Master of Healthcare Leadership, then you are ready to take the n

Tips for effective legal writing
10 October 2019

Just as there’s an art to writing great fiction, crafting an excellent essay and reporting an informative piece of journal

How difficult is an MBA?
2 October 2019

The worst thing a prospective MBA student could do is head into their course assuming it’s going to be a walk in

How to become a project manager
27 September 2019

From engineering to IT and from defence to finance, and almost every industry in between, project managers are i

Understanding the Power of Certainty with Maria Smith
16 September 2019

How do you find your career purpose and passion?

Legal risk in business: Common areas where companies go wrong
9 September 2019

With the power of the internet, anyone can start a business.

The different types of engineers
22 August 2019

Some people become interested in engineering because they’re attracted to the idea of building major infrastructure – airp

How to choose the right legal structure for your business
15 August 2019

Most people have heard the parable about the foolish builder and the wise builder.

How to drive business strategies in educational leadership
1 August 2019

Education is not a business, but there are many tools and strategies that can be borrowed from the business world for effe

Why study Intellectual Property law?
18 July 2019

In a business environment of constant change, endless disruption and enormous innovation of products, services, technologi