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Critically analyse simple and complex management theories that underpin project and program success. You’ll learn how to skilfully negotiate, map and design systems, and evaluate project management processes. These include integration, portfolio management, systems mapping, flexibility and adaptability. Students will undertake structured and problem-based, scenario learning, converting the theoretical and practical application of managing complex portfolios. In this unit, you will study:

  • Linking organisational strategy to project strategy
  • Aligning project to corporate strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Value realisation
  • The project-oriented organisation

Learning outcomes

  • Integrate projects into programs allowing for a controllable and manageable level of systems complexity
  • Critically analyse and critique simple and complex theories underpinning project management
  • Skilfully negotiate complex environments to ensure overall projects and program success
  • Map and design systems and evaluate complexity within the context of project and program management


You are assessed according to the following components, each with its own weighted value against your overall result:

  • Essay: 25%
  • Presentation: 35%
  • Report: 40%


You can study this unit as part of the Master of Project Management.   Please note, unit structure and content are subject to change. Contact your SCU Online student advisor on 1300 863 819 for more information based on your particular circumstances.