Finance for Managers introduces you to financial concepts and contemporary issues related to business management. You will explore the time-value of money in a business context and external influences like interest rates. You’ll gain an understanding of budgeting as part of management, and the aspects of financing operations through capital structure and distribution policy.

Using real-life case studies, put theory into practice to lead a business with a financial mind-set, supported by an in-depth understanding of business finance and budgeting. It will become part of your nature to effectively incorporate financial acumen to your leadership style and decision-making process.

In this unit, you will study:

  • Introduction to finance and financial analysis
  • Time value of money, bonds and interest rates
  • Risk and return
  • Capital budgeting
  • Capital structure and financing
  • Distribution policy.


Please refer to the teaching and assessment breakdown for this unit.


You can study this unit as part of the Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering Management or Master of Project Management.


Please note, unit structure and content are subject to change. Contact your SCU Online student advisor on 1300 589 882 for more information based on your particular circumstances.