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Develop a deeper knowledge of psychological approaches and models of understanding that influence consumers undertaking constructive change that supports recovery. You will critically deconstruct the concepts around behaviour change within the context of their professional discipline. Motivational Interviewing strategies that resonate with co-constructed change between consumer and clinician will underpin the unit. In this unit, you will cover:

  • Behaviour change as a construct
  • Influences of mental health complications on human behaviour
  • Neurophysiology and behaviour change
  • Motivation and behaviour change
  • Motivational Interviewing

Learning outcomes

  • Critically analyse and deconstruct behaviour change within mental health contexts
  • Evaluate the influences of emerging understandings around neurophysiology on behaviour within mental health contexts
  • Formulate effective individual and systemic responses to correcting power imbalance between clinician and consumer drawing from recovery based principles
  • Apply motivational interviewing knowledge and strategies to facilitate co-constructed constructive consumer behaviour change
  • Critically reflect on the implications that emerge from using motivational interviewing from the perspective of the learner’s specific discipline


You can study this unit as part of the Master of Mental Health and Master of Mental Health (Nursing).   Please note, unit structure and content are subject to change. Contact your SCU Online student advisor on 1300 863 819 for more information based on your particular circumstances.