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30 September 2015

It's important to be fully informed when making a decision about which course you're going to study.

23 September 2015

Prime yourself for a future less “greenfield”, in an industry that's constantly growing and changing.

17 September 2015

How much does the environment we live in affect our mental and physical health?

15 September 2015

By nature, engineers possess many qualities that are needed to be an effective manager or leader.

3 September 2015

There’s so much more to being a good engineering manager than being good at engineering.

24 August 2015

Nearly a decade ago, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), in the United States, released a list of engineering’s mos

18 August 2015

Want to know what kind of return on investment you could make by completing a Ma

12 August 2015

Industries are changing everywhere we look.

6 August 2015

For the past two decades, many of Australia’s engineering graduates have headed straight to the mines of Western Australia

31 July 2015

A postgraduate degree hasn’t always been necessary for engineers.

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