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11 May 2016

Ambitious and innovative engineering projects symbolise achievement, endeavour and ingenuity – think the Hoover Dam, Sydne

30 April 2016

If you thought that the mining boom was over, you could be forgiven for thinking engineering-based roles would be in decli

15 April 2016

As someone already in engineering or a related field, you’re accustomed to working hard to get ahead and wearing many hats

16 February 2016

There’s no doubt that engineers are an indispensable part of our society.

26 January 2016

When it comes to business and finance, times are never certain. World economies fluctuate. Markets are volatile.

15 January 2016

The world is filled with great leaders, from business managers to healthcare professionals.

22 December 2015

The world has relied on fuel for energy for many years. Now, we are commanding alternative, more sustainable options.

9 December 2015

The world of engineering is full of great leaders who inspire us with outstanding achievements and contributions to the fi

3 December 2015

What does CPD stand for?

5 October 2015

Thanks to everyone who joined us last week for the

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