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What do Physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapists adopt a range of methods to improve a patient’s quality of life by reducing pain, increasing and maximising range of mobility whilst minimising the risk of greater injury. These methods include exercise, performing massage or stretching, and educating and empowering the patient to facilitate their own path back to health.


Where do Physiotherapists work?

According to Seek, the most common salary in Australia for a physiotherapist is between $65k and $75k.



Physiotherapy career outlook at a glance

Median age is: 35 years old

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Employment level trends & growth - over five years

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Where do physiotherapists work?

Physiotherapists work in a range of settings, including private practice, a rehabilitation centre, or in a hospital outpatient clinic. Physiotherapists may also work in sports alongside a multidisciplinary team of health professionals.

What are some specialisations?

There are many settings in which physiotherapists are found e.g. health research, aged care, sports, or private practice.


What education do you need?

To become a physiotherapist, you need a Bachelor degree in physiotherapy, which can take up to five years of full-time study.

How long does education take?

  • A bachelor degree takes 4 years full-time.
  • A post-graduate master's degree or graduate diploma can be obtained online in 16 months part-time. 
  • A graduate certificate can be obtained in a minimum of 8 months.



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