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What modern managers need to be successful

26 January 2016

When it comes to business and finance, times are never certain. World economies fluctuate. Markets are volatile. Under such circumstances, strong leadership is required to keep organisations afloat.

Traditional leadership traits such as determination, dedication and effective top-down management skills are no longer sufficient to cope with uncertain business environments. To really succeed in modern times, companies seek adaptive, collaborative problem solvers to manage their organisations. Here are some key senior characteristics that are increasingly in demand.

Agility in change management

Today’s leaders must be comfortable with change. This means they need to be ‘agile’: possess the ability to quickly respond to change. Such change can encompass industry trends, modern working styles, new information systems and innovative communication methods. An effective leader should recognise these opportunities from a mile away and implement them – while still mitigating risk and steering the company in the right direction.

Accountability in fast decision-making

Contemporary leaders must think quickly on their feet to survive and succeed. Although democracy and team collaboration promote positive organisational culture, managers must maintain a strong sense of self. They must know when (and how) to make executive decisions. Even when challenges arise (such as constraints on budget or time), leaders need to not only make decisions confidently, but also take responsibility and effectively lead a team through that decision, accepting the potential consequences.

High EQ and diligent relationship management

Emotional intelligence (EQ) and maturity – thanks to a high level of self-awareness, social skills and empathy – enables leaders to successfully build and manage relationships, internally and externally. Due to an inherent sensitivity to those around them, effective leaders navigate and nurture networks with ease.

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