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Expand your professional networks: connect online

17 February 2016

Online learning means you have the freedom to accomplish your goals on our own terms. With the flexibility to study when you want (so long as you meet assignment deadlines), you can easily balance work, life and family commitments. Does this mean you miss out on the collaborative perks of classroom study? Not at all. Studying online is far from an isolating experience. In fact, it’s still a great way to make industry connections and grow your professional network.

Reach out

Regardless of whether you’re studying online or on-campus, one of the best parts of postgraduate study is that you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals. It’s reassuring to know that they are going through the same learning curve as you are. Peer-reviewing assignments is a great way to provoke discussion and can be beneficial to both parties. It’s easily done, too. Introduce yourself to your cohort with the intention of working through your degree together. Why not be the one who extends an invitation for a meeting—online or in-person if your location allows it? Or, just pick up the phone for a chat.

It’s easy to be social with social media

Networking with your online classmates becomes even easier when you harness the power of social media. Why not create a LinkedIn or Facebook group for link sharing, assignment tips and constructive debates—you’ll be surprised by how many people you’ll get to know. As you become comfortable initiating discussions, you’ll begin to bounce off each other. Connecting with your peers also gives you a ready-made advisory board, during your degree and for years afterwards.

You’re in good company

Networking for online students is easier than you think. Your tutors are always ready to share contacts and help you interact—just ask! Our courses are designed to connect classmates through email, conference calls, discussion boards and other electronic forums. Don’t forget to extend yourself beyond your fellow students. Call on the University’s career service, alumni and faculty members, who are always on hand to help you grow. And don’t stop there. With the internet at your fingertips, you can connect to a professional network globally. There are no limits with online networking!

Even though you’re learning online, you’re never alone. To discover more about the online experience at Southern Cross University, call one of our Student Enrolment Advisors on 1300 589 882.