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Do engineers need a Masters?

31 July 2015

A postgraduate degree hasn’t always been necessary for engineers. For many years, a four-year Bachelor degree was all that was needed to get a good, stable job in engineering. Not everyone had a Masters, and those who did had often studied for many years to achieve them. But the evolution of engineering education over the past decades has changed the professional outlook (Deaton, 2012) and there are some very good reasons to consider studying one.

  1. Expand your management skills

    A Masters allows you to go deeper in your chosen field. You’ll increase your knowledge and perform your own research into your chosen field, but also learn essential business and management skills to lead teams and projects – whether in an existing corporation, or when stepping out on your own. You’ll be distinguished from your peers, who may have only received on the job training, ad-hoc mentoring or completed short-term, lower certification level learning.
  2. Demonstrate your industry expertise

    Employers will often look to a candidate’s published research (Prasath via Quora, 2013) when deciding between applicants for a high-level role. A Masters gives you the opportunity to conduct deep research in your chosen area and share your findings with your peers – you may even go on to have your work published in peer-reviewed engineering journals across the globe. Completing and publishing a research project not only provides you with specific knowledge and highly regarded evidence of your skills, but can help you foster long lasting relationships with other engineers who share your passion.
  3. Increase your career prospects

    A Masters of Engineering Management can open up a huge range of opportunities for your career. Engineering Masters graduates earn almost $40,000 more per year, on average, than their undergraduate counterparts (Graduate Careers Australia). Graduates are equipped to become successful managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants, working in a huge range of industries, including infrastructure, technology, education and government.

Invest in yourself

Online engineering degrees are fast gaining popularity in Australia. They give you the best of both worlds – you can create new opportunities for your career without having to take time away from the workforce.

An Online Masters of Engineering Management with Southern Cross University can open up a huge range of opportunities for your career. And, when you can complete your degree with us in under 16 months, why would you wait to start reaping the benefits?

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