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5 attributes that make accountants great business owners

8 December 2015

  • They are well versed when it comes to cash flow.

Entrepreneurs lacking accounting expertise can be blinded by ideas that sound lucrative, but are not. An accountant looks at financial prognoses, making business ventures less vulnerable.

  • They have a holistic view of business operations.

Accountants understand how numbers interact with (and influence) outcomes. They know how to identify and facilitate changes that make businesses more profitable.

  • They are analytical in nature.

Their profession exposes them to internal operations that other employees don’t see. Combined with expert problem-solving abilities, accountants know how to analyse what works and what doesn’t, and how to drive innovative ideas.

  • They are experts in risk assessment.

The talent accountants have in crunching numbers quickly, enables them to see pitfalls that others may miss. Their competence in financial manipulation can be applied to forecasting and planning, maximising chances of success.

  • Their transferrable skills benefit colleagues, clients and consumers.

Attributes such as efficiency, reliability and confidentiality make accountants a trusted group of professionals. They generate advantageous solutions for both themselves and their stakeholders.

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