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Why study online MBA at SCU?

Excellence in research

Outstanding ratings of 'at world standard' or above in 23 research fields1

Top 200 Young Universities

Ranked in the top 200 universities in the world that are 50 years old or younger2

Outstanding student support

5-Star Student Support across undergraduate and postgraduate studies3

1Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) 2018
2Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2023
3Good Universities Guide 2021

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Quick facts


2 years

Study mode

100% online


Jan, Mar, May, July, Aug, Oct




$3,080 per unit, FEE-HELP available

*completion time dependent on individual study path and course availability. Please speak to a Student Advisor for more information.

SCU Online graduates Sturt Eastwood and Leanne Done discuss the career growth and opportunities the MBA gave them.      

The SCU MBA online difference

Are you thinking about studying an Online MBA with SCU? We’re cultivating the leaders of tomorrow, today, right in our very own backyard. We aim to provide an exceptional education experience through our unique learning model and innovative online platform. We’re committed to lifelong learning and providing equal access to education for everyone, regardless of background or location. As one of the top universities in the world at only 25 years young, we’re pioneers in online education and have been doing so since 2015. We’re a rising, dynamic university that is proud to be a game changer and leader in education. That’s the SCU Online difference and why you should study MBA online with us.


The SCU MBA online benefits


Learn on your own terms

Own your educational journey by having the flexibility to manage your study, work and life commitments, without impacting your overall course progress.


Entry without a bachelors degree

Have the opportunity to leverage your existing professional experience to study our MBA course online without a bachelors degree.


Acknowledge your existing experience

We value your past education and work experience so you can potentially reduce your MBA Online course length by 50% through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


Unique learning model

Find the ideal balance between work, life and study through our unique seven-week study units. Apply the knowledge & skills you learn immediately to real-world situations.


Helping communities thrive

At SCU Online, we stand for our community. We’re  committed to offering a vibrant teaching, learning, research and cultural environment to help you achieve your career goals.


Unparalleled support

Receive academic and non-academic support to assist with your study from enrolment through to graduation. Have full access to SCU campuses, including the library and other facilities.



Have you wondered what online study at Southern Cross University is like? Join us as we chat with Dr Patrick Gillet, Course Coordinator of our Master of Business Administration and Kristen, Senior Learning Designer at SCU Online about our learning environment.

How does an MBA degree online work with SCU?

  • With no exams, you’ll learn through quizzes, videos, interactive presentations and more.
  • Connect with academics and students through online chat platforms and discussion boards.
  • Access support throughout the course, including feedback from a learning coach and a dedicated student success advisor from enrolment through to graduation.
  • Live classes are optional but encouraged for networking, while the course is self-paced.
  • To make the most of your learning experience, we recommend dedicating around 20 hours per week to your studies.
A typical study period at SCU Online
Typical study period timeline

Next study period


Applications close in


Speak to an Enrolment Advisor to find out more.

Our study periods: Jan, Mar, May, July, Aug, Oct

Late applications may be considered under special circumstances up until the start of O'Week. For more information please speak with a Student Enrolment Advisor.

MBA career and salary outcomes

With expert-level knowledge across the entire business landscape, as an SCU Online MBA graduate, you’ll have the ability to make an immediate impact in all areas that you come in contact with. This provides you with a wide variety of roles you will be ready to step into, but are not limited to:

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager, typical annual salary: $120,000

Director of Nursing

Director of Nursing, typical annual salary: $145,000

People and Culture Manager

People and Culture Manager, typical annual salary: $130,000

General Manager

General Manager, typical annual salary: $150,000

Operations Lead

Operations Lead, typical annual salary: $125,000

IT Project Manager

IT Project Manager, typical annual salary: $135,000

Group Accountant

Group Accountant, typical annual salary: $115,000

Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager, typical annual salary: $125,000

Managing Director

Managing Director, typical annual salary: $220,000

*Salary outcomes captured by, accurate as of July 2023.

Early exit options

We know that plans change, which is why we’ve built flexible completion options into the online MBA. If you need to exit early, you could still receive a Graduate Certificate in Business or Graduate Diploma in Business

Graduate Certificate
4 Units

Or continue studying

Graduate Diploma
+ 4 Units

Or continue studying

Masters Degree
+ 4-8 Units

Entry requirements

To gain entry into the Master of Business Administration, you need:

  • A three-year bachelor degree from any Australian university, OR
  • At least five years of professional managerial experience regarded by SCU as equivalent to a degree, AND
  • Students will need to be proficient in English.

No Bachelor's degree? You could still be eligible for entry into the MBA through your relevant work experience. Contact us today to find out more.

Find out more about Rules Relating to Awards and Specific Award Rules.

At SCU Online, we value your past education and work experience, allowing you to potentially reduce your online MBA course length by a total of 50% (from 16 units to eight)  through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Should you have any relevant professional work experience or academic qualifications that you would like us to acknowledge, please provide as much evidence of this as possible when applying to study the Master of Business Administration Online.

Gain credit for your previous experience and graduate even sooner with Advanced Standing. At SCU Online, we proactively assess each student’s prior learning, qualifications and professional experience and provide custom pathways to complete your MBA online.

Depending on advanced standing awarded, you could complete your MBA online in as little as 16 months, part-time. Find out more about applying for advanced standing.

Need more information on the entry requirements? Chat to a Student Enrolment Advisor today via live chat or call us on 1300 863 819 to discover your eligibility.

What you will study

The Management Communication unit develops the skills for effective written and verbal communication in business and management.

In the Organisational Behaviour unit, you will study organisations and the individual, interpersonal and group processes and the organisational system.

In the Business Analytics unit, you will explore statistical tools to analyse and model real-world situations.

The Accounting for Managers unit introduces the fundamentals of financial and management accounting viewed from the perspective of the business manager.

Explore digital marketing tools and techniques to develop well-structured digital marketing plans and undertake a digital marketing campaign.

The Finance unit introduces the financial concepts and contemporary issues of business management.

This unit introduces students to corporate governance for managers – one of the most important developments in business.

The Positive Leader unit explores a diverse range of leadership styles, preparing you for a bright future in leadership or management.

The Project Management unit covers the foundation elements of managing business projects.

The Global Business unit examines the challenges confronting the global business manager and gives you the knowledge you need to understand and operate successfully in global business environments.

Understand strategy, how to implement a vision and how to adapt plans to meet global business needs with the Strategy and Case Analysis unit.

The Managing Information Systems unit covers information systems from a managerial point of view.

The Industry Research Project is a two-part unit, involving a literature review, and strategic research and data collection methods to fill in any identified research gaps.

The Accounting for Managers unit covers important accounting principles that make up the core of business management.

The Business and Corporation Law for Managers unit explores the role of law in regulating society as well as local and global business environments.

In Building a Professional Portfolio, you will reflect on your own professional practice and learning, planning strategies to collect, select and reflect on evidence to include in a professional portfolio.

Evaluate and critically reflect on leadership, applying this knowledge to drive change and innovation in the Leading Change in Healthcare unit.

Analyse the role of accountability, as well as evaluate the concepts of professional accountability within organisations in the Governance and Accountability in Healthcare unit

In the Strategic Planning and Management in Healthcare unit, you will examine health service management from a strategic and planning perspective. 

Develop a working knowledge of IT within business settings and analyse operations effects in the Managing Digital Enterprise unit

In the Data Management unit, you will gain an overall understanding of database concepts and theory.

In the Organisational Change and Development unit, you will research and develop change strategies, and learn how to adapt.

The Human Resource Management unit looks at the aims and goals of HR and its role in business.


With SCU Online’s MBA specialisations, you can customise the MBA course to your career goals and aspirations.



If you choose to specialise in Accounting, you will complete the core units in addition to the below units:

  • Business Accounting for Managers
  • Business and Corporation
  • Law for Managers

Health Services Management

If you choose to specialise in Health Services Management, you will complete the core units in addition to selecting two of the units below:

  • Building a Professional Portfolio
  • Leading Change in Health care
  • Governance and Accountability in Healthcare
  • Strategic Planning and Management in Healthcare

Information and Knowledge Management

If you choose to specialise in Information and Knowledge Management, you will complete the core units in addition to the below units:

  • Managing Digital
  • Enterprise Data Management

Managing and Leading People

If you choose to specialise in Managing and Leading People, you will complete the core units in addition to the below units:

  • Organisational Change and Development
  • Human Resource Management

MBA study outcomes


Female online MBA student smiling

Diversify your skillset

Gain specialist knowledge across a wide variety of disciplines to become a versatile business professional and maximise the positive impacts you have within an organisation through our online MBA courses.

Develop a dynamic and strong managerial perspective

Prepare for management roles. Learn to lead successful cross-functional teams. Apply critical problem solving and decision-making skills to drive positive business outcomes.

Learn to lead

Study the essential elements of leadership you need to be tomorrow’s leader in business through exposure to leadership models, communication styles and reflection-based coursework in our MBA online courses.

Make an immediate impact 

Study one day, apply your learnings the next. Learn through real-world business scenarios during your online MBA Australia that can help you make a provable difference in your current role.

Understand global and local needs

Be prepared for an evolving future in business on a global and local scale. Learn how to navigate change, uncertainty and business sustainability in various situations and at various scales.





MBA course Coordinator

Owen Hogan is the MBA Course Coordinator and lecturer in entrepreneurship and innovation management at Southern Cross University. By utilising his experience and expertise, Owen is available to assist SCU MBA Australia Online students by:

  • Gain practical insights: Obtain practical insights into real-world business challenges. Receive a unique perspective that enriches your understanding of business strategies.
  • Access valuable industry connections: Gain practical experience and establish connections within your desired industry through networking opportunities while studying the online MBA.
  • Embrace an interdisciplinary approach: Be encouraged to think creatively and consider multiple perspectives when tackling complex business issues, enhancing your critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Receive dedicated one-on-one support: Have a question regarding an assignment, a unit topic or deadline? Owen is available to provide any support and feedback that you need to succeed.


Online MBA course Coordinator - Owen Hogan


What our MBA students say

Jake McArthur - MBA Testimonial

The key things that stood out about SCU other than the initial high level of communication was the way the particular subjects had been put together, the course content was important to me and it had the right mix of the fundamentals and what's happening in the new world of business admin.

Jake McArthur

MBA Student

Paul-MBA testimonial

An MBA is just a good, general piece of education that helps you understand more broadly how a company functions, and gave me some knowledge that was really important for where my career is at the moment.

Paul Betts

Online MBA (Managing and Leading People) graduate

Mark-MBA Health Services Management testimonial
MBA Student Mark

For me, this was the next natural progression in my career as a leader in Health and Technology. The fact that my work and home life are time-poor, like many of us, led me down the path of online study where I could set my own pace for each module of the course. Online study also meant that I didn't have the distraction of having to travel to campus or sit in lectures.

Mark Thompson

MBA (Health Services Management) student

Maria - MBA- testimonial
Master of Business graduate Maria Smith.

I highly recommend this course, it has been a wonderful experience, tough at times, but I'm better for it. The flexibility of the learning is perfect for busy executives and it's very current so everything applies to your real-world experiences.

Maria Smith

Online MBA (Managing and Leading People) student and CEO

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


A Master of Business Administration is widely regarded as the ultimate business management degree, covering finance, corporate governance, strategy and many other areas crucial to a career in organisational leadership.

The MBA Industry Research Project is divided into two parts and studied across two consecutive study periods. It involves a literature review, and strategic research and data collection methods to fill in any identified research gaps. You can learn more about it here.

Students can take up to six years to complete their MBA studies if their circumstances require it.

In a survey of 569 corporate recruiters, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), found that employers remain confident about the value of graduate management talent. The skills and abilities acquired during their study makes them a valuable asset. 91% of employers said they planned to hire MBA graduates in the coming year with demand for graduate management talent returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Business leaders are sought-after candidates across various industries with the projected growth for employees set to increase by 6.1% by 2026. Research shows that the average wage for a business manager with a postgraduate qualification has increased to $121,000. With Consulting, Finance and Accounting, and Technology as the most in-demand industries for business managers.

Visit our blog for more information about why to study an MBA online.

To gain entry into the Master of Business Administration, you need:

  • A three-year bachelor degree from any Australian university, OR
  • Professional experience regarded by SCU as equivalent to a degree, AND
  • Students will need to be proficient in English.

If you don't have a Bachelor degree you could still be eligible for entry into the MBA or the Graduate Certificate in Business through your relevant work experience. 

Advanced standing focuses primarily on receiving credit from previous academic study, such as an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, while RPL encompasses a wider range of learning experiences as well as professional work experience. Both processes provide the opportunity for you to have your prior learning recognised, thereby reducing the amount of time and effort required to complete the online MBA degree.