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Advanced standing

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Study periods

Jan, Mar, Apr, July, Aug, Oct


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8-16 (depending on previous education and work experience)

Delivery mode

Online or on-campus

Getting an MBA is more possible than you think with SCU Online

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is regarded as the gold standard in management qualifications, and with good reason. Graduates have a broader, deeper understanding of the critical aspects of business, the communications skills to confidently engage with business stakeholders, and the skills to better manage and lead the business.

With SCU Online, you can study a general MBA or choose to specialise. Specialisations include: Accounting, Health Services Management, Information Knowledge Management and Managing and Leading People.

While the course material for an MBA program is challenging, SCU Online has removed many of the traditional barriers that may have stopped you from starting an MBA degree in the past:

  • Affordability. We offer one of Australia’s most competitively priced MBAs.
  • Flexibility. The course is flexible, giving you the ability to shape your study to match your work schedule.
  • Admission. Entry qualifications are broader. SCU recognises and rewards credit for past education, qualifications and work experience.
  • Support. As a student, you’ll have regular access to academics and personal student support, to help you stay organised to reach your goals.
  • Time. We offer six intakes a year, allowing you to start the MBA sooner. Depending on any advanced standing awarded, you could complete your MBA online in as little as 16 units while studying part-time.

Core themes of the SCU Online MBA

If you’re ready to achieve more in your career, the online MBA from SCU gives you the confidence and capability to handle more senior roles by delivering on the following areas:

Diversify Your Skillset

The broad nature of the SCU Online MBA ensures that you’ll have competence across a range of business areas. Possessing a cross-functional skillset will make you a versatile business professional, maximising the impact you will have on any organisation.


Develop a Managerial Perspective

Develop an ethical and sustainable managerial perspective. In each subject, you will be asked to consider the impact of your decisions on all stakeholders – your organisation, its people, and the communities that you are part of. Be able to impact several key areas of business, knowing what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to manage cross-functional teams to achieve results.


Learn to Lead

You will further develop your strategic leadership skills to prepare for an uncertain and ever-changing future business environment. This is done by exposing you to different leadership models, communication styles, and reflection-based course work.

Study your MBA Online

View Transcript

Paul Betts, MBA Graduate

I work full-time, I’ve got a wife, I’ve got school-aged children and hobbies. I reckon if I can make time for an MBA, just about anybody can.

My career goals are really just to have a job that’s satisfying and has a really genuine impact on something that makes a difference, something that’s more than just bringing in a salary.

Why pick an MBA?

An MBA just is a good, general piece of education that helps you understand more broadly how company functions, and gave me some knowledge that was really important for where my career is at the moment.

What stood out from your course?

An MBA is such a diverse course and there’s a number of different standouts. Amongst them, probably, there’s an excellent marketing and entrepreneurial subject, which really challenged my perceptions on the way that enterprise and particularly innovation can be accessed in so many different parts of industry.

How are you applying your MBA to your career?

One of the great things about the SCU course is almost immediately, a number of things that I learnt I was able to apply directly at work. A good example, I’m doing a lot more interaction with the board of the not-for-profit I’m working for at the moment. The subject on governance has really helped me to navigate a field which is really unfamiliar to me in the past.

How did you benefit from study with Southern Cross University Online?

What I found from Southern Cross in the online program, particularly, is online learning is a lot more sophisticated and a lot more natural than it has been in the past. I think we understand a lot more about how to get the most out of the online environment and SCU has certainly harnessed that and taking feedback from students, and I believe are on the cutting-edge of online learning.

How did you fit study into your busy life?

The great thing about studying online is you’re not tied into lectures and timetables. I was able to be more flexible in the way that I use my time and more effective; use those grabs of time, maybe an hour here or even a half an hour there that I wouldn’t have been able to use in a more traditional study environment.

Would you recommend an online MBA with Southern Cross University?

Having compared notes, and just watching the way some of my friends have navigated the courses that they’ve done through other institutions, I’m quite comfortable that I made the right choice. I think I’ve had a better time than what they have over the past couple of years. For anyone that’s looking to do an MBA, particularly an online MBA, I would certainly recommend looking at the SCU course.

Course Structure

Core units

  • Management Communication
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Economics and Quantitative Analysis
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Marketing
  • Finance for Managers
  • Corporate Governance for Managers
  • The Positive Leader
  • Project Management Principles
  • Global Business
  • Strategy and Case Analysis
  • Managing Information Systems
  • Industry Research Project (double weighted)

Electives (select two)

If not taking a specialisation, select two of the following units:

  • Business Accounting for Managers
  • Business and Corporation Law for Managers
  • Healthcare Professional Portfolio A
  • Leading Change in Healthcare
  • Principles and Practice of Clinical Accountability
  • Strategic Health Management
  • Managing Digital Enterprise
  • Strategic Knowledge Management
  • Organisational Change and Development
  • Human Resource Management

MBA Specialisations

With SCU Online, you can study a generalist MBA and graduate with an understanding of every facet of business, or narrow your focus to one of these four key areas:


  • Business Accounting for Managers
  • Business and Corporation Law for Managers

Health Services Management (select two of the following)

  • Healthcare Professional Portfolio A
  • Leading Change in Healthcare
  • Principles and Practice of Clinical Accountability
  • Strategic Health Management

Information and Knowledge Management

  • Managing Digital Enterprise
  • Strategic Knowledge Management

Managing and Leading people

  • Organisational Change and Development
  • Human Resource Management

Entry requirements

  • Demonstrated professional standing – either a Bachelor’s degree (or a similar qualification) from a university, or have other experience that we regard as equivalent to a degree.
  • Be proficient in English.

Flexible entry and exit options

Flexible entry and completion options are built into the online Master of Business Administration. Which means if you need to exit earlier than expected, you could still receive a postgraduate business degree through our online Graduate Certificate in Business or Graduate Diploma in Business, based on the units you’ve completed.

If you’d like to test the water before committing to the full MBA, you can enrol in our online Graduate Diploma in Business or Graduate Certificate in Business.


Student Testimonial

MBA student studying on laptop

Completing my MBA online merged very well with my busy work life, as I accept job contracts across Australia. I remember having a holiday in the Philippines, and yet I was able to complete my required submissions (even during a storm!)

Mary Bromley, online Master of Business Administration graduate

Study online and Graduate sooner

The SCU online MBA is 100% online, so you can study wherever you want, whenever you need. You can begin at any of six different times throughout the year. You can study six units a year and credits, based on professional management experience and previous study, may be available, so you could graduate in two years part-time.

Affordable and encouraging

We offer one of the most affordable online MBAs in the country. Our purpose-built, personalised, learning environment provides levels of support you rarely find at traditional campuses. You’ll have your own student support advisor, always available to help you persevere and progress. You’ll also develop personal connections with our academics, just as if you were learning on campus.

Download MBA brochure

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For more details about the SCU Online business courses, complete the form at the top of the page to download your brochure. You’ll receive in-depth information on:

  • Entry criteria
  • Course duration
  • Fees and financing options
  • Courses and assessment types
  • Industry-related work
  • Student support
  • Careers pathways

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^ Southern Cross University offer both online and on-campus versions of these units. This information refers to the online version. Please check the unit listing at scu.edu.au or ask your Student Enrolment Advisor for more information.

This information is correct at time of release and subject to change without notice. Copyright Southern Cross University February 2019.

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