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Why women are the future of IT management

23 April 2016

Recent studies indicate that women are not only on-par with men when it comes to leadership qualities, but may actually make better leaders.

Recognising women’s potential

One recent study by Zenger and Folkman indicated that while men make up 78 per cent of senior management roles, women still surpass them in critical leadership functions. In fact, the area in which women most excelled was IT, a traditionally male dominated field.

Multiple studies over the past few years have indicated that women make better decisions, are better communicators, and are better at activating passion in their teams. All qualities expected of excellent managers. With these stats, who wouldn’t want to promote women?

IT management is still an area in which women are largely under-represented, but have huge capacity to succeed. While there’s still a 20 per cent pay gap between men and women in IT, that’s  a staggering 14 per cent less than the national average, these narrowing figures give the IT sector an optimistic outlook for finally achieving salary parity.

Taking the next steps

According to Hays’ most recent Information and Technology report, achieving workplace equality is a major focus in the IT sector. And this focus is expected to be maintained for at least the next five years. An emphasis on workplace equality means increased employment and promotion opportunities for women looking to succeed.

The IT industry is ripe with management opportunities for women. It’s a skills-based industry that rewards those with merit, so there’s nothing holding women back from reaching their full potential. Women simply need to reach for the opportunities available.

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