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Where can a Master of Healthcare Leadership take you?

25 October 2016

Having a Masters degree can open many doorways. Recently, the Australian market has seen a dramatic rise in demand for postgraduates within a number of sectors, including healthcare. This can largely be attributed to our ageing population and emerging innovations and technology within the sector.

As the demand for people with postgraduate healthcare qualifications is on the rise, we decided to explore some of the exciting careers available to you.

Advocate for health in a changing environment

With global issues such as climate change and overpopulation becoming increasingly catastrophic realities, we need highly-skilled professionals to prepare for the consequences on public health. Roles in this industry could include disaster preparedness researcher, environmental health director, political scientist or manager of a non-government organisation.

A Master of Healthcare Leadership can provide you with the skills you need to understand the effects of our modern age on public health. You’ll also learn how to advocate for change within healthcare systems and provide positive outcomes for the public.

Research innovative healthcare solutions

Whether you’re working in infectious disease or mental health, a Master of Healthcare Leadership will give you the skills you need to explore and advocate for innovative solutions to common healthcare problems. By combining your existing knowledge of the healthcare system with the skills and knowledge provided by a Masters, you’ll be able to lead much-needed change within your industry.

Lead political change in healthcare

Political policy has a huge influence on how public healthcare systems operate. With a Master of Healthcare Leadership, you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of these processes and procedures, and be able to advocate for political change within the healthcare industry.

Whether you choose to work as a political scientist or within an NGO, having political insight is a valuable skill. Many leaders wouldn’t have an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry, so by arming yourself with the right knowledge and skills, you’ll be better able to advocate on behalf of the public.

If you’d like to enhance your career with a Master of Healthcare Leadership, consider studying online with SCU. Speak to one of our friendly Student Enrolment Advisors today on 1300 589 882 to find out more.