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Video: Why you need an MBA

26 September 2016

There are many reasons why studying a Master of Business Administration (MBA) online at Southern Cross University is well worth the investment. Merylee Crockett, Director of Human Resources at Interactive, speaks with us and tells us some of those reasons why.

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Marylee Crockett: Too often, professionals think that their area of expertise, and becoming extremely knowledgeable in that field of expertise is what matters most. But really, the intention of an MBA is to grow great commercial, well-rounded leaders. So when it comes to content, what's most important is that an MBA graduate is exposed to all aspects of business.

I'm looking for people who are commercial first, who understand business and they couple that with a great aptitude for learning. They’re the best employees.

If someone came to me with an MBA, there are certain things I would assume to be true. I would assume that they have the ability to apply themselves, I would assume that they've really had their thinking challenged, and I assume that they would bring some of the latest industry thinking to our workplace.

What's really interesting is when you see somebody pre and post having gone and completed that study, it's amazing some of the differences you can see in their qualities, in terms of their ability to write, their ability to research, their ability to think critically, not to mention there's just this incredible network that you develop that I think is invaluable.

I've seen students pre- and post-MBA, and there's no doubt whatsoever that they're more marketable. If affects quite positively their earning potential. There's no doubt that the opportunities available to MBA graduates are vastly increased as a consequence of their studies. It's an investment worth making, and it's not for the fainthearted, but as a consequence of having been through that you'll be better for it. And commercially your opportunities will really open up.