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Video: Where can an MBA take you?

12 September 2016

Our online Master of Business Administration (MBA) can take your career to a new level, and help you take that next step forward. Discover where SCU Online's MBA can take you and why it's an investment worth making for your future.

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Simon McArthur: So we've used the MBA in countries as far as Phule's Anguilla in Caribbean. We go in there and we re-brand the entire country, and that expertise has come from the MBA's marketing units.

Courtney Geritz: My dream is to work overseas in Singapore, so the SCU MBA offers Asian Business so they can help me take that next step.

SM: Eco-tourism is rooted in sustainability - sustainability includes economic and financial, and that's where the MBA comes in. Without that stuff, you can't have all the environmental/social stuff.

CG: So, Managing and Leading People is the next subject that I have on my plate, it's more than just telling them what it do, it's actually about what will get your team to perform the best, so creating really strong team cultures, great working environments - all those sorts of things that make for a really fun, productive workplace.

SM: I found it to be a really good blend between academic rigour and the pragmatic - that's what I like about SCU. So I was able to style the MBA into what I wanted for my career. CG: The MBA for me really is my ticket to overseas and, I can't wait to see where that takes me when I graduate.

SM: I think most of the market expect an MBA these days. They know the people that have done an MBA have got rigour behind them, and they really know how to think through cross-disciplines - so, you gotta do it.