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Video: Gain a leading edge with SCU's Graduate Diploma in Accounting

21 February 2017

Dr Jennifer Harrison is the Course Coordinator for Souther Cross University's online Graduate Diploma in Accounting. She explains why an accounting degree can be extremely beneficial for changing careers and for those seeking industry accreditation extremely beneficial for changing careers and for those seeking industry accreditation



I’m Dr Jennifer Harrison and I'm the Course Coordinator for the Graduate Diploma in Accounting.

What are the benefits of studying a Graduate Diploma in Accounting?

A Graduate Diploma in Accounting is going to open up a lot of choices in your career. It will set you on the path to CPA industry accreditation, and that's going to open up a lot of choice in terms of particular accounting positions – but not only that, it opens the doors to management career positions as well.

It's a great idea for people who are running their own businesses so that they better understand the financial management side of their business.

Industry accreditation for accountants is really vital because we're giving advice on something that's really important – you know – money matters and no one wants to get on the wrong bus. So, it's really important that anyone who wants to further their career in accounting has industry accreditation.

The Graduate Diploma in Accounting is one of the very few fully online CPA accredited industry accounting programs.

What are the benefits of studying with Sourthern Cross University Online?

The Graduate Diploma in Accounting gives you the knowledge and skills that you need for a foundational introduction to an accounting career.

You'll gain skills across a variety of foundation subjects, so you'll look at economics, finance, financial accounting, management accounting, a bit of business and corporations law. So, it gives you a broad range of the basic foundations that you need in accounting.

The experience that Graduate Diploma in Accounting students are going to have in the online environment is really quite interactive, it still allows you to interact. It's no difference from on-campus, expect that all your interactions are going to be online, so it's really very flexible.

Why start your studies with Southern Cross Univrsity today?

A Graduate Diploma in Accounting is suitable for anyone who has a Bachelors-level qualification or equivalent that wants a career change, and they're thinking about getting into the accounting or financial services industry.

The Graduate Diploma in Accounting can act as a pathway to the MBA, the Master of Business Administration, and that would be a really great mix of qualifications to put together.

There's definitely an advantage in having that extra depth and the financial management side, and combining that with an overall business administration focus. I think there's no time like the present for starting your Graduate Diploma in Accounting with SCU Online.

When you're doing your Graduate Diploma in Accounting, you will learn about a concept called 'the time value for money' and that concept basically says that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future.