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Unit focus: Project Management Principles

15 November 2017

We recently sat down with double-degree graduate, Steven Walsh, to learn more about his experiences studying the postgraduate unit, Project Management Principles as part of his online Master of Project Management.

What area or topic in the unit did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the fact that one of the core learning components of the unit focused on project lifecycle and processes. It really helped me to understand how project management methodology integrates into day-to-day business activities, and those roles and responsibilities related to the project management environment.

What skills have you developed after completing this unit?

The unit has allowed me to clearly understand the project management framework along with skills and responsibilities of a project team. This, in turn, has provided me with the insight and understanding to confidently position myself as an active member of a team, and make the appropriate contribution as a project team member. One of the key factors I learnt was risk identification and mitigation, and how this element is such an important factor for every project.

Was there anything in this unit that you found particularly difficult? If so, how did you manage this?

Project management theory is written in numerous publications and academic papers. Occasionally, I found the volume of this information a little overwhelming. As such, I had to develop the ability to identify and extract relevant information, which dealt mainly with the key topics of the unit.

Strong document search skills helped narrow search returns for relevant information and focused my readings towards content that related to assignments and, in turn, the course. Developing library research skills is a must-have. Use the unit content headings as a guide to help keep you on track.

Did you find the learnings from the unit to be applicable to your job and workplace?

I belong to a strong project-driven organisation, as all our contracts have project managers allocated to them. The business - as a whole - is project driven, from production through to installation of a product. The administrative functions are also aligned to support project outcomes and, as such, the staff as a whole are ‘project aware’. Much of what I learnt was directly applicable to various functions across the organisation.

Did the unit outcomes meet your expectations?

The focus of Project Management Principles is right on the money. It provides the student with a clear and concise learning environment where all the key concepts and terminologies are openly discussed and reviewed as the unit progresses. The unit sets out to teach a student the basics of project management and for me, it achieved exactly that.

Find out more about the online courses that offer Project Management Principles here – or for a more detailed discussion, reach to our Enrolment team on 1300 589 882.