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Tips for studying accounting from home

30 August 2016

Whatever field of work you’re in, completing an MBA in accounting can set you up to advance your career. However, the idea of returning to university can be a big turn off for many, especially when people assume they’ll have to give up their full-time job and go back to eating two-minute noodles.

That’s where studying online comes in. Completing a course through distance education is a fantastic way to keep working while simultaneously preparing yourself for your next big career step. But just how easy is it to juggle both? We’ve put together three solid tips that’ll help make completing your degree in accounting online as easy as 1,2,3.

Discipline, discipline, discipline

It sounds obvious, but studying from home requires a lot of self-discipline. Especially when you’ve just knocked back a full day at work and the last thing you want to see is more numbers. There are a few ways to keep motivated, though. Think of why you’re doing this, whether it be to earn more money or get a better sense of fulfilment out of your day-to-day. Whatever it may be, write it out and put it on a post-it note somewhere in your line of vision while you work.

Another great tool is setting time limits and rewards. Allow yourself a manageable amount of time to get through a specific task and stick to it, even if it means turning off your phone for a little while. When you reach your goal, make sure you reward yourself with a break or the rest of the night off.

Set up a workspace

One of the great things about studying online is that you can be in the quiet and comfort of your own home. You can crunch numbers in your pyjamas, if it takes your fancy. But you still need to be careful with keeping your personal and work lives separate. That doesn’t mean you need to set up a cubicle in the middle of your bedroom – but it does mean you should set out a specific space that you can use to power through your studies.

This could be a hammock in the backyard, a secluded corner at the local library, or an entire room where you know you won’t be disturbed. Just make sure you have a specific space where you can enter into ‘work mode’.

Good technology

It might not seem like it’s super important, but setting yourself up with the best technology makes a world of difference, particularly in the motivation department. Imagine coming home from work and trying to push yourself to study with a computer that’s older and internet that’s slower than what you just left at the office. It certainly doesn’t make things easier on those days when you’re not feeling as disciplined.

Like anything worthwhile, studying online has its challenges. But being able to complete an MBA in accounting while still working is incredibly advantageous, as well as extremely rewarding.

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