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10 tips for updating your LinkedIn profile

30 May 2016

Your online presence can help you land your dream job, or further your current career once you’ve finished your study. With close to 415 million users (February 2016), one of the biggest online professional networking portals is LinkedIn.

There are myriad jobs on offer, and companies often scope out new candidates’ profiles before responding to an application. So treat your LinkedIn account like your online resume. Here are our tips to make your profile work for you.

1. Use a professional photo

First impressions are everything. Use a headshot you’d want your new boss to see. You can also add a background image to make your profile stand out.

2. Customise your headline

Make sure your headline describes you in a few punchy terms.  These are your keywords, what people search for when looking for prospective candidates to hire.

3. Spend time on your summary

Consider very carefully how to describe yourself, using clear, concise language. Showing experience, passion and ambition will entice future employers to contact you. Include links to previous work or other relevant websites.

4. Let your experience speak for itself

Write about your roles, what you loved about each job and what you’ve learned there. Extensive and varied experience will make you more employable.

5. Use work samples and portfolios

Any published work you can add to your profile will help you show off your skills and experience.

6. Connect with people

Don’t be afraid to connect with people you’ve met briefly if you feel they might be a good contact to have for your career. Remember though, that it is not a place to make friends; keep it professional. Always customise the message when you send someone a connection request.

7. Update regularly

Keep all your information relevant and up-to-date, and post updates in your professional life.

8. List all your skills and experience

Even things that you think might not be relevant to your dream job can help you. There may be something specific a future employer is looking for.

9. Expand your skills

Especially if you want to switch careers or take that next step up, expanding your education will show you’re keeping your skills fresh and relevant. You can study through SCU online even while you’re working full time, and add an extra postgraduate or Master’s degree to your profile.

10. Get endorsed

It is important to nurture your online connections in a professional way. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to leave endorsements of skills for colleagues, associates and acquaintances, and also to get endorsed by these connections. The more endorsements you have the stronger your profile, so make sure you are utilising this feature by endorsing others, who will then be far more likely to endorse you for your skills.  

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