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Three underrated reasons to do an MBA

16 November 2016

The MBA, or Master of Business Administration, can be your key to climbing the corporate ladder and succeeding in the business sphere.

The MBA is held by a number of important executives, such as Michael Bloomberg and the current CEO of Google, but there’s so much more to an MBA than what it offers in monetary value. Here are three of the more underrated reasons to study an MBA to help start your next career trajectory.

Have a global impact

Leading universities in countries as diverse as China, France and the United States all offer MBA degrees. Students have the opportunity to undertake part or all of their study in major cities, where big businesses experience radical changes every day. As you study scenarios that have global implications, you will find that your worldview begins to change dramatically as you discover just how far-reaching the world truly is – especially when it comes to business.

After completing your MBA, you emerge into the world with an internationally-recognised degree where the possibilities are endless. Once you’ve honed your network and management skills, you could discover a range of new opportunities available in every corner of the globe.

Develop versatile and adaptable skills

Even if the corporate world is not for you, that’s no reason to discount an MBA. Business management skills are applicable in almost every industry, and you’ll find you have developed the ability to turn your hand to almost anything.

The tools you discover throughout your study will also have equipped you with the necessary skills to start your own business. From Victoria’s Secret to Silicon Valley, some iconic brands and industries have very strong links to the MBA program. Even sporting powerhouse Nike was created by a successful MBA graduate. Business management skills are not just for high flyers – even the smallest, self-run business will benefit from the skills you develop in this degree.

Discover a new direction

Those who are simply after more, be it in their current career or a completely different field, will benefit from the knowledge offered by an MBA. Eric Jackson of Forbes magazine suggests that an important part of an MBA is the opportunity it gives to refocus yourself. Adaptability is an important part of the business world, and something an MBA encourages students to develop. The ability to focus and refocus, based on the challenges of your industry, will ultimately enable you to make a bigger impact in your chosen field.

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