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Three things you get from a GDA

22 December 2016

A Graduate Diploma in Accounting (GDA) from SCU Online is one of the most flexible pathways to advance your career. While being a pathway to the MBA, the GDA is also one of the only online courses to be accredited by CPA Australia.

Studying an online accounting postgraduate degree with SCU provides rigorous learning outcomes, a flexible study structure, 100% online learning and a smart, dynamic learning environment—all of which will prepare you for a career change. Here are the three leading benefits of choosing to study a Graduate Diploma in Accounting with SCU Online.

1. Apply for the CPA Program

Forgo the CPA Foundation Exams process and apply directly to study this globally-recognised accounting designation. As one of the few online courses accredited by CPA Australia, the GDA is your pathway to a bigger future.

CPA Australia is one of the leading industry accreditation for accountants and business leaders, and with that comes a range of professional benefits. Access a network of more than 120,000 members across Australia and internationally, and network with peers from your own industry, related fields or different business areas altogether.

By joining the CPA Program, you will build your technical skills, knowledge, and open your career up to a future of leadership and development on a global scale.

2. Apply for an MBA

Should you decide to continue into further study, the GDA acts as a pathway for application to the Southern Cross University Master of Business Administration (MBA). You’ll gain a postgraduate accounting degree, while preparing yourself for a Masters degree in business.

An MBA can open career opportunities in a number of different fields, across a range of management and leadership roles. Generally recognised as the universal Masters degree available to professionals, an MBA can provide a range of global employment opportunities. The earning potential, networking opportunities and regard with which an MBA is held is a fantastic way to advance your career.

If you do choose to advance to the SCU MBA, you can specialise in accounting, meaning you will build on the foundation knowledge you’ve developed in the GDA. It’s the perfect pairing of business leadership and financial technical knowledge.

3. Certify your workplace experience

Turn your existing industry experience in bookkeeping, accounts, payroll or other accounting disciplines into a fully accredited postgraduate degree. The GDA is a fantastic opportunity for people with no previous higher education, but with years of professional workplace experience to formalise that on-the-job knowledge and turn it into a degree. The main benefit of this is the opportunity to move up in your career, or transition into other roles at other organisations that might require you to have the formal education behind you.

It doesn’t matter what your career aspirations are, the MBA (Accounting) from SCU Online can open doors across a range of industries, professions and roles.

If you want to set your career up for the future, call one of our dedicated Student Enrolment Advisors today on 1300 589 882 and discuss what this postgraduate degree can do for you.