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The power of a study buddy

9 November 2016

When students work together in small peer groups or with a ‘study buddy’, they can significantly improve their learning outcomes and academic success rates. A study in classmate peer coaching found 23% more students passed by participating in this study buddy support (SBS).

Studying with a friend can consolidate your knowledge and introduce you to different ways of analysing information. Solving problems together and explaining solutions helps to improve your understanding and retention of new material. Perhaps more importantly, study buddies are great motivators with non-academic benefits too.

The convenience and flexibility of online study are often essential, but there’s no need to do it alone. If you encourage a friend or colleague who’s also considering to apply to an online Masters, you’re both more likely to achieve academic success. Here are some of the benefits that a study buddy can bring.

Sharing knowledge

Having a study buddy provides an opportunity to share knowledge, giving you another perspective or level of insight and broadening your understanding of the course readings and materials. Sharing study techniques can also introduce you to more efficient ways to study and improve your productivity.

If you are struggling with a particular topic or assignment, having one of your peers with which you can share the experience and useful techniques is also a great way to reduce any stress or anxiety about getting through each study period.

Motivation to stay focused

Lynden Barry is an SCU Online student and studying her Master of Project Management with the company of her own study buddy. She finds additional peer support and encouragement makes a big difference.

“Having someone to debrief with, who understands the demands and is there to motivate you, can be the difference between passing and failing.”

Studying with a friend makes you less likely to procrastinate, increasing your commitment and improving learning outcomes as a result. There is also a greater sense of accountability because your study buddy is depending on you to keep them on track.

Let’s talk about it

It’s easier to remember the things you’ve verbalised; talking about your study topics makes the learning experience more engaging, and also improves your retention levels. Putting new information into words can also make complex ideas easier to conceptualise.

Fun, comfortable way of learning

Having a study buddy provides a social aspect to your busy schedule; you get to enjoy the company of a friend, while you both work toward a common goal. Studying your Masters online is a vigorous mental workout and, like a gym buddy, your study buddy can help to make it fun, but also effective.

“It’s always great to have a mate to do things with and study is no exception. I can highly recommend sharing the load with someone and having your very own study buddy,” Lynden encourages.

So why not begin the student journey with a friend, apply with a study buddy now and share the success. For more information, explore our postgraduate courses online or give one of our friendly enrolment advisors a call on 1300 589 882.