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How to tell if it’s time for a career change

7 April 2016

An unfulfilling career can leave you feeling stagnant and bored with life. If you’ve been fantasising about a new direction, it might be time to consider a change. According to the Naked CEO, there are six areas of your working life that indicate how you feel about your current position.


How do you approach your job? If you always dread the working week, it could be a sign that you need to change careers. A negative mindset will leach into everything you do, until your overall level of happiness is affected.


Do you look on every unexpected task as an extra burden? If you spend more time after work complaining than you do relaxing, this career may not be for you. The right job will bring out a healthy work attitude.


When little mistakes begin to appear in your work, it’s clear that you have lost focus. This often happens when your head isn’t in the game, and indicates that it may be time to move on.


Self-assurance is key to any career – if you don’t trust yourself to perform well, you never will. Feeling out of your depth and unsure suggests that you need to find a position in which you feel confident and comfortable.


Has your workday stopped flying by? If the hours are starting to feel more like years, and the joy has gone out of your work, you need to start considering other options.


When every day feels the same, it’s easy to get demoralised. An inability to get excited about your job suggests that you could be in the wrong career. When you find an area that excites you, every day will be interesting.

If you find yourself nodding along with this list, a career change may be just what you need. Accountancy has fantastic job security and allows you to choose your own path. Whether you want to start your own business or contribute to an existing one, consider a Graduate Diploma in Accounting with Southern Cross University Online.

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