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The tech advantage: how IT is advancing careers

8 July 2016

Amid warnings that machines are taking our jobs, technology is indeed creating new ones. The growing demand for technical skills not only creates new IT roles, but promotes the advancement of many existing roles. While the increasing automation of jobs reduces the need for low-skilled, mundane tasks in sectors like farming and manufacturing, it allows workers to focus on more valuable tasks that broaden skill sets and raise earning potential. To take full advantage of tech advancement, people must retrain, upskill and reap the benefits of working with, not against, technology.

Technological advancement has for many industries caused disruption, arguably more so in the creative and cultural industries. While some jobs have completely gone – think photographic printers – others which work with new technologies, like graphic artists, have arrived in force. According to Australia’s latestIBSA Environment Scan of the Cultural and Creative Industries, strong or very strong employment growth is predicted until November 2018.

Alongside technical skills, soft skills such as business planning, management and development continue to be in demand, along with collaborative skills such as communication and project management. An online masters in IT management can help you develop and execute these skills in the workplace.

People that can fuse both technical and people skills are also more attractive to employers now than ever before – they earn more too. Eleven of the top 25 paying jobs in the US are tech jobs, according to a 2016 Glassdoor report. Given the majority of these jobs are in management including Software Development Manager and Analytics Manager, people skills are just as important as the technical for professionals hoping to excel in the industry.

The perceived threat of technological takeover is not a new one. In the early 1800s, UK textile workers labelled ‘luddites’ literally broke the weaving machines set to replace them. Despite this technological change, human labour experienced growth with the help of technology through the 19th and 20th centuries. While purist ‘luddites’ have left the market, technological change has provided an opportunity for many others to enter it.

Whether the advancement of technology is loved or loathed, it must be accepted by the current and future workforce. For those that can embrace it with sound decision-making and management skills, a successful career awaits.

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