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Teaching Teachers For The Future to transform education

16 March 2017

Technology is a larger component of our everyday lives than it ever has been, and it’s only getting bigger. While so many industries are embracing and incorporating new advancements, one area that had been previously left behind, in Australia anyway, is education.

From kindergarten right through to high school graduation, teachers take on the great responsibility of equipping future minds with the tools, knowledge and skills to help them make an impact on the world. So being at the forefront of technology is, obviously, incredibly important.

That’s where Teaching Teachers For The Future (TTF) comes in. This government initiative is all about teaching pre-service educators to be able to utilise Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to its maximum capacity, to provide the best possible level of learning to Australian children and teenagers.

With better digital resources at our fingertips than ever before, TTF aims to bridge the gap and make sure teachers can seamlessly and effectively incorporate ICT into their learning programs - with an emphasis on English, Mathematics, History, and Science.

The Future Of Australian Education: How TTF Benefits Everyone

Empowering teachers
TTF is introduced at a pre-service level; in other words, while teachers are still completing their education. That way, when teachers are ready to join the workforce, they are already equipped and confident in their abilities to incorporate ICT into their curriculums. Having this base level is also going to assist them in maintaining a high level of competency as technology inevitably changes throughout the lifespan of their career.

Empowering students
It goes without saying that younger generations are expected to have a much higher level of technological prowess when they enter the workforce. Having teachers who can introduce them to these skills from a young age is obviously hugely beneficial. But, more than that, by completing their studies with the assistance of ICT, students are exposed to a much more comprehensive and qualitative education than ever seen before. Through TTF’s embracement of technology, there is no doubt that the level of improvement made to the overall Australian educational system will be significant.

A change in mindset
Before TTF, the use of ICT in the classroom was largely regarded as a nice ‘bonus’ or ‘add-on’. TTF turns this thinking on its head.

The impact of technology in basically all pockets of the modern world is undeniable, and so should be the need to see ICT as an integral part of education, not an optional extra. With the Australian government’s support for the program, there’s no reason why the educational sector can’t start viewing the relationship between learning and technology in this infused way.

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